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      Storm ~ training update

      I have been training a standard poodle named STORM for gun dog work for his owners. STORM is now a wee bit o'er 9 months old and I have been working with him since the first week of June. A spoiled lad, STORM was initially displaying a number of behaviors that immediately led me to the conclusion that his owners were not providing him with the level of leadership he needed to succeed. Admittedly, his owners agreed with my assessment and stated they were afraid to do much with STORM for fear of doing something wrong regarding his training. Correctly, they sought my help and a new, improved STORM is brewing.

      To date much of my work was focused on basic obedience training and a realignment of STORM'S position within the hierarchy of leadership. A swift shift in the existing dynamic, STORM was quickly removed from his position of "king of the hill" and demoted to his new roll as a dedicated disciple. As we have worked through basic obedience using success based training concepts. STORM has learned to love the challenge of learning, has a new sense of purpose, is building positive self confidence, and is highly motivated in his approach to the work challenges I provide him with.

      Obedience work has solidified nicely and is now being further tightened up as STORM is being e-collar conditioned to known commands. STORM is highly intelligent and has quickly become fluent in the domains of communication I use with him including verbal commands, gestural cues, and whistle signals. As of the last few days, we have started moving from all obedience work being done on-lead to some off lead work being done specific to HEEL, RECALL, REMOTE STAY, AND REMOTE STOP AND SIT ON THE WHISTLE.

      In addition to the aforementioned work, I have been working STORM onHOLD conditioning in preparation to the FORCE FETCH work that will be in his near future. I have also been working with STORM together him comfortable with water work (not his forte' by any means) but he is coming along with each session which includes me darning a pair of chest waders and getting into the water with him while he is on a long line (check cord). STORM has also been conditioned to gunfire and has no issues in that regard.

      So, definitely much different than a Labrador Retriever, STORM has taught me much as a trainer in terms of my approach as a trainer and my need to adapt my training style to meet his specific needs. I have said it before, a competent trainer is flexible with his or her technique in meeting the needs of each individual K9 they work with. I am enjoying the challenges presented and the satisfaction realized in observing STORM succeed as I continue my work with a breed that I had no previous experience in training. My work with STORM won't ever have me jumping ship from my love for the Labrador Retriever to "Camp Poodle", but I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about and working with this highly intelligent breed in my work with STORM.

      THE DOG WHISTLER 🍀🇮🇪🇺🇸

      Some candids of STORM at work.
      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -dsc07803-storm-rollerresized-jpg   -dsc07806-storm-training-buckresized-jpg   -dsc07811-storm-dowlresized-jpg   -p1060469_fotor-confidence-gained-jpg   -p1060471_fotor-success-realized-jpg  


      Joanie Madden, Mary Bergin, Adrea Coor, and Nuala Kennedy, each an Irish whistle goddess in her own right.

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      Hmmm, I wonder if similar techniques would work with a 3 year old human....?

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      "Camp Poodle"!!

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      Someone who was on detail to my office many years ago used to refer to the family dogs as her husband's dogs. One day I asked the reason for the distinction. They had two standard poodles who were hunters. They would bring home whatever they caught in the yard, sneak through the doggy door, and proceed to consume their catch on the couch.

      I would have thought that they'd get rid of the doggy door...
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