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Sundance got it, we had to get down to our gotchies to measure and he wasn't wearing any. The Prof. measured him.

WE did have a very interesting outcome on measuring one girl. She was uneven in height from shoulder to waist and waist to hip on her two sides. She was having back pain and told her Dr. about the measuring. VEry mild spina bifida. Likely she would simply have been prescribed painkillers. As it was she was told certain activities to avoid and steps to help her back and the measuring very likely helped with an early diagnosis and prevented further damage to her.
Oh, I love learning new words. "Gotchies" must be Canadian for "skivvies".

I took sewing as an elective in high school...don't remember stripping down but maybe we did. I still have the sewing machine I got for my 10th birthday...it still works but I can't hunch over a sewing machine anymore. I loved to sew.