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      Quote Originally Posted by SunDance View Post
      Hemi-ing birds. (sorry)
      LOL Well Hemi does like to lay down in between them. Some humming birds don't mind him. Others come down and buzz real hard at him making all kinds of noise. He just sit there watching them. Never bothers them, just watches them.

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      Jeff I would dig out some of the plant and put it in a pot maybe in the garage to protect it from your hard freeze. Mine just comes back every year but they are very easy to transplant and I actually have the other kind in my garden already

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      Quote Originally Posted by Jeff;175995[B
      ]How do you get your Salvia to last through Winter?[/B] Are you bringing them inside? I am guessing you do get some decent winter, maybe not as bad as us but still should kill it. I have several salvia, I just replace them every year cause I know they are going to die. However I do love them. the hummingbirds come looking for them first thing in the spring so I try to get them out at fast as they get in to Michigan.

      Couple of my Humming birds out on the deck

      Jeff. I like to mulch heavy. I think that helps. but there are places where I do not mulch and they still come up. About every 4-5 years I dig them up and replant as the older plants toward the centers tend to die out leaving a hole. So I just replant them in groups.
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