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      A tour with the local game keeper

      My friend arrange for me to go around a local pheasant shoot with the game keeper on his afternoon rounds.

      They keeper releases over 2500 8 week old "Kansas" and "Kansas Hybrid" pheasant in late summer/early fall. They are kept in pens like this (which is open when the birds are grown). They use the Kansas birds as they don't roam like the Ring Neck variety.

      A wild ring neck pheasant

      We came across these deer in heavy cover. Had I been by myself I would have not seen them. I had a hard time finding them even with the keeper pointing them out to me.

      Sunset over the Cotswolds. Taken from my friends field

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      Beautiful. Love the twilight photo with the two deer.

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      Beautiful pics

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      How lovely! Had to laugh about the "Kansas" birds. Nothing like a "behind the scenes" tour.
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