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    Thread: Some photos.

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      Some photos.

      Come on Fitzi, that can’t possibly be comfortable.

      Lucy thought this rain gauge funnel was a chew toy.

      View out (well, not out) the side door during a freezing rain event.

      An African violet in front of the over-sink window.

      Our lawn.

      Not a very good one of Pine Siskins bathing in a puddle. I shot this through the window, the window screen, and moderate rain.

      We spent a weekend in Toronto and our first stop was Ripley’s Aquarium. There is a walk in a tunnel through Dangerous Lagoon. It’s a great exhibit.

      Tropical fish.

      Yes, this is a shark. Yes, I am about 4 feet away.

      Lionfish. The tips of its dorsal fins are very poisonous. I don't remember what photobombed in front of it.

      We wondered what the heck this was. It depicts the number of plastic water bottles - 12,000 bottles - Ontarians discard every four minutes. Disgraceful.

      A view out our AirBnB, which was very, very quiet for being across the street from the Don Gardiner and the railroad tracks.

      I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario on the opening day of an exhibit of Impressionist art, which I am entranced by. Photography (no flash) was permitted. Here’s a work by Claude Monet titled ‘Charing Cross [in London] Bridge (Overcast Day). The subtle play of colours mesmerized me.

      We returned home late so bailed the dogs out of our boarding kennel the next day. Here’s Lucy that afternoon.
      Andrew, Faye, Fitzi, and Lucy

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      wow the pictures of the ice on your windows is beautiful. I put out bird baths every summer but they seem to like to bath in mud puddles after rain storms Tootsie used to sleep with her head hanging down over the side of the couch too. Lucy and the rain gage looks scary hoping she didn't cut her mouth or swallow any of the plastic. Lucy relaxing after her vacation is adorable too.
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      Great pictures...love, love, love the ice and wee birdies.

      FWIW, I would have put a somewhat less overwhelming frame on that beautiful Monet.
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      labsnewfy, let me unpack each of your comments.

      * thanks for the compliment about the icy windows. The images struck me!
      * I (infrequently) fill large unused plant saucers for the birds to use as baths. We have a bird bath heater that I need to deploy before winter ends.
      * Isn’t it funny how dogs can sleep like this? Fitzi didn’t move for several minutes before or after I took this. Weird dog.
      * We appreciate your concern and closely monitored Lucy for several days to make sure she had no cuts or blockages. She appears to be her normal rambunctious self. Note to self, keep her busy, occupied, and keep these kinds of temptations out of reach.
      * Lucy was plumb tuckered out after her stay at the kennel and the ride home. I had to rouse her well after normal dinner time and after she ate she went right back to sleep.

      Barb, I thought the ice presented a very interesting image. And I can get within almost arms reach of the Siskins before they fly off. No luck yet with a close-up photo yet though, maybe I need a remote shutter release . . .

      Isn’t it interesting how this (and many other canvases I saw there) have these great big gilt frames? I’ve pondered doing a bit of research into why this was the style.

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