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      House Broken
      black_paws's Avatar
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      May 2014
      on the farm in NY
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      Happy Memorial Day!!

      First... THANK YOU to all the men and women that past, present and future serve in our armed forces!!!!
      Even though the holiday is defined as remembering those that have lost their lives while serving, I feel it necessary to acknowledge the living and the dead.
      So, thank you all!

      Second, wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend. And good luck to those of us that have the fur-babies that don't like fireworks.
      I honestly can't believe its the unofficial start to the summer, we had to have the heat on in our house earlier in the week because it was so cold.

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      Senior Dog
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      May 2014
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      And to the families of those warriors as well, they pay the price of freedom as well.

      To my two older bros., who didn't loose their lives in battle, (one USNav, one USArmy) but later as vets. RIP bros, miss ya.

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      Best Friend Retriever
      classiq's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      First, a salute to our men and women past, present and future for the freedoms we have today.

      Second--anyone traveling over the holidays safe travels for you and families. Enjoy the long weekend.

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      Senior Dog
      POPTOP's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      Heartfelt thank you to all those who have served, are serving and the families who are holding down the fort at home.

      When you celebrate, take a minute to remember the real reason for Memorial Day.

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      barry581's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      I spent over 22 years in the USAF, and I considered it an honor to have served this country. Every Memorial Day I say I silent prayer to thank all those who went before me, and made the ultimate sacrifice. Our freedom depends upon those ready and willing to male that sacrifice. I ask you to say a little prayer for those who serve, and give thanks that they sacrifice to maintain our freedom.

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      Senior Dog
      Sandra's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      Happy Memorial Day. Remembering with gratitude those who have served.

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      Senior Dog
      ZRabbits's Avatar
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      May 2014
      New Jersey
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      Thank you to all those who served and are serving today. And thank you to the families of those brave men and women. Definitely a sacrifice on their part too!

      May everyone have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day!


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      Senior Dog
      Mr Kleb's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      Thanks Uncle Joe for serving as LSO on the USS Kalinin Bay and keeping your cool during the Battle Of Samar.

      Thank you Uncle Bill. You left your hand and part of your arm on Tarawa, and did not take it personally.

      Thank you dad for flying paratroops on Operations Husky and Overlord, and for many other flights ferrying personnel and cargo.

      Thanks mom for staying with dad as he was moved from post to post, keeping the faith while he was overseas, and for being his partner for 54 years.

      Thank you, active and retired armed forces members and your families. I deeply appreciate it.

      Have a safe weekend y'all.
      Andrew, Faye, Achilles, Fitzi, and Lucy

      Not gone, only gone on ahead - Bruno, Rex, BoJo, Kendal, Kingsley, Moonpie, Avis, Corndog, and Stella

      I invite you to visit my blog, Hidden Content .

      In America, anybody can be president. That's one of the risks you take. -Adlai Stevenson, statesman (5 Feb 1900-1965)

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      Senior Dog
      sparky's Avatar
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      May 2014
      SW Ohio
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      Just want to Thank you to all who choose to serve our great Country.

      "All gave some, Some gave all"

      God Bless our Soldiers

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