After a bunch of misses on estimate appointments, a highly rated fence company came out to give us prices on three projects. I was pleased to see the estimates but I wonder if he did it right.

Basically, the big shocker was that the aviary I wanted for our chickens came in less than what we paid for an aviary less than half the size 15 years ago. Plus, the fencing options are amazing these days. This one is for black chain link with a top in fine chain link mesh (I don't know if I got that right but it's chain link with openings a quarter of the size of regular chain link - handy for keeping those pesky raccoons from pulling chickens through the openings). The bottom will be buried to discourage digging predators and there will be two gates, one a double.

Is fencing just really inexpensive right now? In any event, wish us luck. My husband was so traumatized by last year's siding project that this and a couple of other fencing things will be all we do with the house this year.