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    Thread: This Is Not Fun

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      This Is Not Fun

      First, and most important, thank you all so much for the support. I've been using my laptop and I'm not sure when I hit the Thank You button that it is actually doing what it should. Every single post is appreciated and very supportive.

      Today has been hard. One or maybe more of the meds is making me nauseous. Have to eat to take the pills and then they made me sick. Been trying not to take the pain med because it really puts me out. Then the pain gets bad.

      This is the one night each week that both DH and DD are not available. DD works till closing and DH leaves early to go to class and then directly on to work. DH had already taken time off while I was in the hospital. Was just about at the point of calling 911 to take me back to the hospital; combination of vomiting and feel becoming dehydrated and pain. DH called from class during a break to see how I was doing and came right home. Now I feel guilty about that.

      He got me to take the pain med and kept pushing water. Slept a couple of hours and feel somewhat better. Don't like taking it when nobody is home in case something happens. Going to call the doctor tomorrow to see if all this is to be expected. I was hoping to feel a little better each day.

      OK, enough whining. Going to try to catch up on the threads. Please do not think I've ignored any who need kudos, hugs, LOLs, and support. I'm a little slow here.

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      Crapola. I hope there are different meds you can take that will not have that effect. Sleep. Look into my avatar, Derri says You are getting sleeeepy. Sleeep.

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      Glad you are home! One day at a time, we understand if you miss a few posts, happens to the best of us.

      Be aure to mention all concerns to doc - Naseau, Pain Meds knocking you out etc.

      I had some great nausea meds while going through chemo. As for pain, I was told your body has to work harder when in pain slowing down the healing process.
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      Sorry you're feeling bad. Hope you get well soon. That's some bad stuff you're working through.

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      Dang Fran, that stinks. Don't sit in pain, take the pill if you need too. Just make sure to tell someone close that u did. Stay hydrated.

      I was thinking, maybe you should go stay with Betty, what's one more to take care of.

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      Oh no. I'm so sorry. Thinking of you.

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      Some pain meds can be exasperating to take - you know they're supposed to help, but the end result is the nausea. I've never been able to take vicodin for that reason. Well, I'm just recovering from a bout with shingles, and I took anything they'd throw my way, including vicodin. Some hints: take 1/2 a pill at a time, do have something light in your tummy (crackers/toast), do NOT lie down for a half an hour or so. I wish we could all help, but please be assured that we're wishing you better days ahead!

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      Feel better soon, Fran. So sorry to hear you are going through a tough time.

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      Oh, gosh, Fran....I'm sorry to hear your mend isn't going smoothly....hope that changes fast. Maybe the doc can give you something that'll affect you less, stomach-wise.
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      Fran, I feel compelled to write although I usually just lurk. What you are going through is completely normal. Yes, they give you meds that make you nauseous, they give you pain meds that make you loopy but that is because they will help you get better. If you're in pain, take them. DO NOT try to tough it out. There is a reason the doctors prescribe them to you and that is to allow your body to heal rather than trying to fight off the pain.

      i spent 4.5 months in the hospital after my wreck. I remember they kept a calorie count on my door. God, I hated that thing! They jacked me up so full of meds and pain pills that I had no appetite whatsoever. Every time I would eat I'd gag and/or puke everything up. I'd learn to take just a few bites of whatever I wanted at that time (normally sweets) just to keep that stupid calorie count up. I ended up losing 30-35 pounds at discharge. Took me almost 6 months to get my appetite back but it eventually got there.

      You're doing fine. Sure, it's frustrating as hell and I will tell you the same thing people told me over and over again and the saying I hate most in this world! One day at a time...

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