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      May 2014
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      "Unbroken" was recommended to me over the weekend. Apparently I am the only person in the entire universe who hasn't read it. It was also made into a movie I had never heard of.

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      How about podcasts, is anyone listening to podcasts these days? I have an app on my phone that will let me listen to podcasts while I'm walking Lark or walking on a treadmill or cooking, pretty much anything that isn't too noisy. I can also play them through my computer so I can do some serious time-wasting doing crossword puzzles and listening to a podcast while waiting for the laundry to need some attention or the chicken to finish roasting. They're all free, or at least the ones I listen to all are and run anywhere from maybe 20 minutes to an hour- very convenient for walking a dog IMO.

      I haven't been listening too long yet so I'm still finding potential ones to listen to. So far I've enjoyed This American Life, one called Serial about a kid in Baltimore accused and imprisoned for allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend, one called Terrible, Thanks for Asking, my sister recommended the Sex, Death and Money podcasts. Any of you listen to podcasts and have any to recommend?

      Death, Sex Money : NPR

      Season One - Serial

      Terrible, Thanks for Asking | Podcast | APM Podcasts

      This American Life

      Chase 9/29/2006- 6/30/2017 Always in our hearts
      Lark 12/25/2012

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      Being a soccer fan, I love the Men in Blazers podcast. It’s informative and also very entertaining.

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