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      Lion head Rabbits

      I had a few members ask me about my rabbits, and after reading about the shake up with "Silvers", it kind of make me want to share the history of the rabbit breed I fell madly in love with.

      Here's my Blue Tort Buck, Neville

      Most of you have got to be saying, "this is a rabbit?" Yep a breed with the mixture of Wool and normal fur. A mutation gene, that if you really look at it, can be bred into any breed of rabbit.

      Here's a pic, remind you of a cat?

      Lion heads were originated in England, as a meat rabbit. Their weight ranged about 6-7 pounds. They were imported to USA in 1999 and through the years, and many changes, came to be recognized as a true breed this February by the American Rabbit Breeders Assoc (ARBA). Already the club I've been a member with, as well as some judges have stated that some breed groups and ARBA judges will never accept this breed.

      As someone, who might have looked at this rabbit with "pet" eyes, has now found, a love and fondness for this breed. I have stepped back and see Neville as a pet now, and will rebuild after more color variations has passed. I want to breed to what the Standard of Perfection, passed by the Club and the head of the rabbit breeder's organization. So will keep learning more, and enjoy the Lion heads I have here.

      Here's one of my Chocolate Babies. Not "show quality" but just has a lovely personality.


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      Thanks for posting this - I knew there were different kinds of rabbits, but didn't know about all of this. Neville is a cutie!
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      Oh, they are soooo cute! Thanks for sharing.

      (I don't think I could even think the term "meat rabbit" around them.)
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      I had never heard of this rabbit before this. Amazing looking breed. Beautiful thanks for posting.

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      Those are so cute--my dd had a few bunnies over the years--my favorite one was her last one, which was a sweet little brown mini Lop.

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      cute as can be.

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      very cute. my sister loves rabbits, not sure what she has or has had...i am very allergic to them!

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      They are cute and spoiled! I can't believe the ARBA or it's judges would be so discriminate to a new breed. After all, every breed of rabbit was new at one point.

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      Cool! I don't really know anything about rabbits as pets/show animals. I don't think about them having personalities, either- shows what I know. I fear they wouldn't be welcomed by my 2 poochachos in a good way. Yours are very cute- if you hadn't said, I would have thought the second photo was a cat! Sorry, Neville!

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      Beautiful rabbits! Love the fur. They look soft and cuddly.

      Do they like to be cuddled? Like long dogs with long fur, is there a lot of brushing involved? The "kitty" picture put a smile on my face.

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