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      A Little Christmas Cheer

      For starters, I haaaaaate shopping. I work from home with a flexible schedule so even during slow weeks I always try to squeeze in my grocery shopping at times where I will encounter the fewest people. While I'm generally a laid back and friendly person, crowds are my biggest irritant. And slow, meandering, in-the-way holidays shoppers are the WORST. My patience levels drop to 0 in those kind of crowds and i have a hard time keeping my christmas spirit, so to speak.

      This morning I had to run to Target for a couple of last minute items. I tried to time my visit for a hopefully slow time - 10 am. Of course since it's 2 days before Christmas it was craaaaazy. As I pulled into the lot I saw two open parking spots right at the front. There was a car coming the other direction and we each took one of the spots.

      Her stereo was blasting christmas music and she had a santa hat on. As we got out of our cars she shouted "heck YEAH we scored the great parking spots!" and high fived me.

      I just laughed and high fived her back. I got in and out with a smile on my face and wasn't annoyed one bit. That's an accomplishment. Thanks, random cheery lady, for spreading some holiday cheer and making my shopping experience much better than expected.
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      "smiling's my favorite" by Buddy the Elf. It's contagious.

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      Hahahha that will put ya in the mood. Good for her

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      You did way better than I would have!!!!!!!

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      LOL she would have brightened my day too! I don't like crowds that much either.
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      Love it.

      I have one to share as well. I don't know if it was me or the other lady but a book fell to the floor between us in the book store. We bent over at the same time to pick it up and bonked heads. We both stood up without the book. We both moved to pick it up, we both stopped. I said, "You stand up, I'll pick it up." So I put it back on the pile and as I turned to go she said, "Look, we should have left it on the floor." It was Donald Trump's book. LOL, but we did leave it on the pile on the table anyway.

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      Christmas crowds. My kryptonite. My cure? Amazon.
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