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      I didn't mean what I said.

      My goats always start to talk whenever they see a person and I sometimes imitate them. I was doing this the other day while I was feeding them and thinking I was sounding pretty much like a goat when Thelma suddenly put her head down and started to charge. She has never done this before.

      I'm sorry, Thelma. I didn't mean what I said. Whatever it was.

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      Lol!! I remember way back when I was in high school. We lived in a very rural area, I had a good friend who's family had a couple goats. One of the goats was pretty damned evil, that dude would charge and butt the crap out of us. My friends father would laugh his butt off watching that goat get the better of us. One night his dad came home, let's just say he'd been at the bar way too long, and the goat nailed him big time. Let's just say the goat didn't live to see another day.

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      Got to watch what you say to Thelma. She's sensitive you know.
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      Goats are EVIL. Horns sticking out of their heads, little beady eyes and a very high strung temperament!!!!

      BUT they are cute when they are youngsters.
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