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      May 2014
      Carolina in my mind..
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      Happy Father's Day

      ...to all the fathers out there, both human fathers and Dogfathers! We wish you a day full of good times with your family and, most of all, your pups who love you beyond all else.

      Have a wonderful day!

      And to my own dad, who I've been thinking of a lot between Memorial Day and today, it is nice to imagine that beyond the Rainbow Bridge, Ginger, Heidi, Penny, Duchess, Coco, and Buddy are all keeping you company today in our stead!

      Chase 9/29/2006- 6/30/2017 Always in our hearts
      Lark 12/25/2012

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      Happy Father's Day to all the skin and fur Dads.

      It's the first Father's Day since Dad passed. A little bittersweet. So many memories.

      Dad was not particularly a dog lover, that was Mom. However, he always made sure that whatever the dog needed, it had. That included shipping dogs to Japan and Germany to be with them.

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      My dad I don't remember. He was old school before old school ever existed. If he would have lived until today, he would be 105 yrs old now. He was a vaquero, (cowboy) working ranchos here in Arizona and California. He was a brawler, many bar fights in his day, his nose leaning to the left as testimony. He never missed a day of work though and he always would "work the same rather the boss was around or not"
      He was killed when a auto transport truck came across the line on a hairpin turn and slammed into the WWII Willys surplus army Jeep he was driving killing him instantly. I have a shadowbox on my living rm wall with the antique metal horse shears he used and a picture of him roping calf to take first money at a rodeo in 1948. That's how pops would have wanted to be remembered.

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      Happy father's day.
      Kathy--mom to:
      Mac--chocolate lab
      Scotty--Arabian gelding

      No philosophers so thoroughly comprehend us as dogs and horses.
      (Herman Melville Redburn)

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