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      1 year old male lab agressive to submissive dogs

      hi, I have 3 Labradors. my oldest haylee. she'll be 3 in august and a female, ajax a male turned 2 in February and koda a male he turned 1 in January,
      they all are fixed. now the trouble is with my youngest koda. I always did know he had some "male traits" as a puppy. he would always pee on top of my other dogs pee in the yard. so I thought neutering him young "5 months" would rectify that issue which he still continues to do. no big deal. now my issue I have is say at the dog park, koda is A) very jealous when other dogs play with haylee my female. but instead of getting angry he starts to play extremely rough with haylee by the neck. A main concern I have is also I can see it in him when its coming with his body language. he for some reason gets aggressive with submissive dogs. enough where he goes after them and makes them get on there backs. It really seems/sounds extremely violent. I do here him growling as well before it all happens.

      Koda also has growled at my other two only under certain circumstances. in example if he is sleeping and my other two get close to him he will let out a growl. but he has never go after my other two.

      Koda seems to do ok with more dominate dogs and just doesn't make any sense? and its like a switch. he goes from fine to being annoyed with submissive dogs. I haven't found any rhyme or reason for it. just see it in his body language when it starts happening. He also has a behavioral issue with separation anxiety with me or say if one of my other two dogs leaves the house.

      any suggestions???<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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