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      Excellent article on doggy adolescence!

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      Blackboy98 (04-26-2017)

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      An enlightening article-always good to refresh the memory on younger dogs
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      Uh... so at 3 and a half, my dog isn't an adolescent anymore. Dern. One more excuse I can't use anymore.

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      barry581 (04-26-2017)

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      I saw this article of Facebook tonight and it fits Brooks to a "T". I knew it was coming, but, he's been worse the Sophie or Bruce were. Deep cleansing breaths!!!

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      This is good article. We started training gigi at 12 weeks yet as she turns 1 yr old tomorrow. I am seeing her coming out of issues.
      she has become a bit leash reactive but i am hoping that will pass.

      she lost her cool last Saturday at the campground. she camped in fall when at 6 months and now at 1 she could not handle dark , fire , people in hoods being loud. i am going to take her to dog park Friday and work on this again at the campground this weekend.she is very talkative now. The whole navigating sections explains as she is not bossy but the change in behavior is next on the agenda.

      that article does not talk about intensity and awareness. gigi plays fetch in a very intense and concentrated way, she trains with a crazy intensity among every distraction, she is picking up new commands in 2 to 3 repeats. even at dog park she will play with other dogs but hangs with us most of the time and wants to play fetch. puppy stages it was ignore till time to go home.

      great read to remind me she is still a pup at 1...i have to get her something for her birthday tomorrow.

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