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      Thanks Sundance!

      I'm going to get some petcalm for him since it is homoepathic! Thank you! Hope you are well.
      Forever in my heart - Sweet gentle Moby - lover of belly rubs, bacon, and Barbara 9-10-2001 to 11-2-2015

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      What about having BF housesit your house. If he must go home to work, does he live close enough that he could drop by mid-day to let Barley out, or could he work based from your house for those days, as well?

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      Try a crate when you leave, he might need a safe space.

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      I think it's not going to be fast fix. Gigi was extremely attached to me even though she was part of a family with me,my wife ,2 kids ,a cat. We started slowly u used to the primary Walker ,play guy, take her to dog park . Now my wife takes her for walk and plays with her . While camping my kids take her for walks. She is slowing changed over the last few months .
      My new job I work from home and she is alot better now then when I started .

      Ask ur bf to take him for walks everyday. Dog bond better during walking. Is it possible... First maybe when u are not around . Then start taking him when you are home. We did similar things. My wife. Would take Gigi out for a5 minutes of fetch .

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