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      Training to Retrieve

      First off, we're doing great! The kids are amazing. Maverick's 4th birthday is this coming Sunday and Bear will be 2 in July. We are in the process of moving to a different city. We're doing a lot of walking and I'm looking to get back into training with both of them.

      My boyfriend hunts and we are throwing around the idea of training the dogs to retrieve.

      The problem is neither of my dogs has ever been trained for this. We'd like to do this...but where do we start?

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      Do they retrieve balls? Toys? Bumpers? Anything at all? Or do you mean they retrieve balls but you want to teach them to hunt and retrieve birds?

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      Your best approach would be to establish your goals for the dog(s) and to consider joining a retriever club. Foundational obedience on all basic commands is c critical to all gun dog training and should be well established. You have older dogs (not puppies) that you are working with so one would hope their obedience is sharp on SIT, HEEL, RECALL (HERE), STAY, and DOWN at a minimum. Consider joining a retriever club in the location you are relocating to. HRC, AKC, and NAHRA clubs and associated hunt tests are a great way for you to affiliate with some knowledgeable retriever enthusiasts, to increase your personal knowledge base, and to get competent training advice. There are a number of really good media materials available for giving you a well established guide for training your retriever to hunt / retrieve birds. Three major programs that come to mind are; Mike Lardy's Total Retriever Training, Evan Graham's Smartwork For Retrievers, and Bill Hillmanns. Google search any of these and you will find lots of good information. If you decide to go with such a program, pick one and stick with it without skipping any steps within that program and it should be very helpful. Feel free to PM me with any more specific questions you might have and I will try to point you in the right direction.

      Mike 🍀

      Joanie Madden, Mary Bergin, Adrea Coor, and Nuala Kennedy, each an Irish whistle goddess in her own right.

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