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      4 yr old responding poorly to other dogs on leashes

      Our 4 year old lab is somewhat anxious around other dogs (apart from our 9 year old lab, with whom she is fine), but generally behaves reasonably well anyway. However, when she is on walks and sees other dogs on a leash (i.e. also being walked), she freaks out and starts growling, snarling, jumping around, etc. My husband walks our two dogs twice a day every day, and is getting fed up with this behavior but doesn't know how to stop it. Oddly, she is perfectly fine when she sees other dogs who are not on a leash. We have numerous neighbors who have invisible fences, and Lilly strolls right by their houses without a care in the world, even if the other dog is barking and carrying on. But when another dog is also walking on a leash, she falls apart. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on with her and how we can address this undesired behavior?

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      Do you have a friend who has a dog that this happens with that you can work with ? If she starts to bark at another dog turn and go the other way as soon as you see another dog on leash try give her a treat. if she starts barking turn around. this can be fixed but could be slow going and is much easier if you have another person and dog she is reactive to to work with.

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      It's super common. It's called Leash Reactivity. Anything by Patricia McConnell on the subject is great. She has a book and some areas have a class (taught be certified veterinary behaviorists) called Feisty Fido - Help for the Leash Reactive Dog.

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      Mine started this again. out comes the prong for a week. then she will be fine for months.

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      Sorry I missed this earlier but a trainer who uses Leslie McDevitt's methods might help too. Her book, "Control Unleashed" helped us direct Oban's attention to me when a village big, black dog would charge his fence at us. It's Premack Principle, not new at all, may be in your old Pschchology (I can never spell that) text books, but her presentation is popular.
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