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    Thread: E collars

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      Quote Originally Posted by Anna Scott View Post
      You have received very good advice here. The e-collar is not used to teach it is used to reinforced learned behaviors when the dog deviates. Do try the whistle. When mine get out of sight I use a whistle and they come running. Both are e-collar conditioned but rarely do I have to use any stimulation. When I got my first collar I went to a very good pro trainer who taught me how to use it ethically and humanely. He made us leave the transmitter on a chair behind us so that if we were going to use it we had time to think about why the dog had responded the way she had and to think of what we had done wrong in our handling and how we could correct without the use of the collar. The dog always gets the benefit of the doubt on the first infraction, some simplification of the command and then if they persist then a quick correction. This is particularly true when decheating.
      I would recommend the Dogtra collar. I really liked the Tritronic products when they were made in the States but since they sold to Garmin they are not as good. But do get some training before you start to use your collar.
      My breeder also uses the Dogtra collar!

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      Aye Mates,
      Threads specific to e-collar training always intrigue me with regard to the ignorant commentary spewed by those that have never used one. I have absolutely no trouble with those that choose not to e-collar condition and feel it should be a personal decision, but only done based on the solid foundation of understanding fully the proper use of the e-collar. I will state that there are those individuals that should never pick up an e-collar. Just like a hammer, an e-collar is merely a tool. A hammer misused can inflict major damage. A hammer properly used can aid in building wonderful structures. A hammer is nearly always used in conjunction with other tools and with the knowledge of the user to positively build. Likewise, an e-collar is an extension of other tools utilized initially (a clicker, edible rewards, a lead, a check cord, etc.) those initial tools and proper training and conditioning of desired behaviors first being entrenched without the use of the e-collar. Fairness to the dog is always a cornerstone principle of proper e-collar usage. The e-collar is NEVER an instrument to be used in anger and if one recognizes that potential in themselves they should NEVER pick one up. For all intents and purposes, a slip lead or check cord can also be misused in the wrong hands. I wholeheartedly concur that one should seek the help of a knowledgeable trainer to establish competency in the use of an e-collar prior to making use of one on a K9.

      Every dog I work with is trained solidly to competently perform all basic obedience behaviors prior to any conditioning to the e-collar being initiated. As Barry had indicated early on in this thread, the dogs I work with come running over and sit in wait for me to place their e-collars on when they see me pick them up. They have zero fear of the e-collar as they have never been abused with it and see it only as a positive indicator that they are about to work. The methods of training I employ are solidly based on mutual respect betwixt meself and the dogs I work with, a point that I stress to their owners fully. Make no doubt about it, I provide steadfast leadership for the dogs I train and they understand that they are subordinate to me as their trainer / handler, but our relationship[ is one founded and maintained on mutual respect.

      My e-collar of choice is the Dogtra Edge RT EXP (expandable unit for use with multiple dogs). The unit is dependable in it's delivery of consistent levels of stimulation, is weather tight, of rugged build, ergonomic, and intuitive in it's overall design. The unit is also quickly charged and holds a charge nicely relative to time utilized. I use one day in and day out.

      My own dogs wear their e-collars whilst we train, yet I find it very rare to need to correct them, but I do like the ability to do so at great distances at the precisely timed moment needed.

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      Quote Originally Posted by IRISHWISTLER View Post
      My own dogs wear their e-collars whilst we train, yet I find it very rare to need to correct them, but I do like the ability to do so at great distances at the precisely timed moment needed.
      I haven't used one in years (just haven't needed it with the current dogs) but that is precisely the situation in which I first used it, for distance work with a dog (Mulder) who was less responsive to a verbal "no" correction than my current girls. I wouldn't hesitate to introduce it again if I thought it was the best tool for the job. I do think, and I train with a number of people who use them, that there are definitely some people who rely too much on it as it enables them to focus more on correcting poor performances rather than eliciting good ones but that is the fault of the handler, not the equipment.

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      We have used them on all our dogs. Some needed them more than others. I find that some dogs work well just getting a vibration or a beep and never need a shock correction.

      They can be pretty pricey, we've always had luck with Tri-tronics (now Garmin I think) and SportDog. I did get a chance to get a free "cheap" one off Amazon and honestly, it's super easy to use, but you don't get the range on some of the sport trainers. It runs about $40 and if you want, I'll send you the link. I took the points off them so that you can't give them a shock at all, and the beeper is all I need with the labs. Vibrate if they are being big DOPES.

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      I posted a E Collar thread and Off leash a few years back, you can find it its long.

      In the end i never used it to train after much input once my dog hit close to year her mental state stabilized. What she needed strangely enough is to control her mind . I started doing when crazy , she gets tethered in the middle of the house . She got to watch all the fun and complain. Once she associated that even in a state of high arosal a command needs to followed or her fun gets shut down she got better. Especially when she has to sit tied to the wall with all the fun around.

      Mine is going to be 3 years in 2 months. Now days i do not use words or commands any more. I just use hand signals just to think of it now. As i work from home she is more intune my hands. Off leash the dog that will disappear now stays with me all the time. some times it maturity. I use a whistle noise to recall and mostly hand signals.

      My thought
      E Collar is a not a training tool rather a reinforce of a well trained and solid behavior.

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