Rudy has always been anxious and reactive. He came to me from a shelter at age 4 months, which I believe contributed to his conditions. I did puppy class with him and another obedience class to boost his confidence, as a trainer suggested he is possibly fearful. He is now 7 years, and is better, especially with meeting new people and dogs. He still, however is very reactive to noises, sounds and movement he sees outside, and lets loose with barking. When we are at my mom's condo, this seems to be heightened, as he is out of his normal routine and more familiar surroundings. He is aware he is not supposed to bark, because when I walk into the room, he turns and looks at me and stops. I don't yell at him. I gently tell him no, and take him away from the window/visual stimulation, when he stops, tell him good boy and pet him (he is not treat motivated when agitated). My sister (who has trained a guide dog puppy), says his barking bothers her, and that I need to train him not to bark, like a guide dog (my response to that is 'He is NOT a guide dog....'), and to remove the stimulus which I do. I cannot stop him from hearing things though. I just ordered some PetCalm for him. Any other suggestions (HumanCalm for sister )?