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      Sep 2014
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      Training books or online courses


      I have a rescue/shelter dog who is about 2 years old. She is housebroken and will sit for food. We do crate her at night, or if we are out of house (or in inside outside kennel) as when we first brought her home, she was a little destructive. Knock on wood, that seems to have improved. We have had her about a year. I would like to take her to training classes, but would like to know if there is a more affordable option. She is a most likely a lab/pit mix. She thinks she's a little lap dog! Lol

      We also have two senior dogs (black lab and golden ret.) who are well behaved. It's been awhile since I have "trained" a dog so would love any suggestions. I would love to hear about any books or online training classes that people have used and found success with. My goal would be basic commands, not jumping on people (she rarely does that, but I don't want her to ever do it).

      I did speak with a trainer last night. His fee for 5 weeks (or longer if needed) for basic puppy class (everyone starts there) is $300. They are private lessons. He has 44 years experience, was a trainer in the military. Uses positive reinforcement. I volunteer for a Lab rescue and saw a dog he trained, and I just could not believe how well behaved this Lab was. I am leaning toward taking his class, but would be a few weeks before he has opening when I can go. Then I thought maybe there are some online/books that I could do instead?

      Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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      I would definitely do a training class (that guy sounds great) and then practice what he teaches at home. I really like the dog training books by the monks of New Skete.
      How to Be Your Dog Updated Edition): Monks of New Skete: 9780316610001: Amazon.com: Books
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      I suggest class. Book and online reading and things are great, but nothing can replace going to classes. I think that private lessons for 300 dollars is reasonable. People here pay 300 dollars for a 6 week program with 10 dogs. 90% of classes are to teach you. How to use your body language, how to give commands, when to give commands, etiquette, how to walk nicely etc. etc. I always recommend classes.

      Every week you will be given things to work on. It's your responsibility to go home and work on those things and make sure the dog knows them for the next week so you can begin to start on something new. At the end of the program you may be tested on all the things that you were taught. You may be given a score and then told to try a different group of lessons etc.

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      Sue Ailsby has an online training course you could look into. There's a Yahoo group to go to to discuss your progress. I'm not sure how active the group is, I couldn't get it up. I've read a couple of her ideas and really like some things she says but I find her writing hard to get through.


      ETA: This is Sue's link. It's Dragon Fly Llama and then you go to her dog site if you end up having any trouble with the link.

      That's a really expensive class. Personally I would try group classes before private or online.

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      Jun 2014
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      That is super expensive for pet dog training. If you are looking to get into competitive obedience, it's still expensive but not by too much. Private lessons around here with the most sought after competitive obedience trainers are about $50 per lesson. The dog you are speaking of did not get that way from five private lessons. There were probably many lessons and much training in-between.

      Denise Fenzi has good online classes, but I think a class might suit your needs at this point. You should be able to get into a six-week pet dog class with a good trainer for less than $150. There should be no more than about six dogs.

      As far as books, Ian Dunbar has some good books for basic obedience.

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      agree that is a very expensive class - but you say it's private training so is it one on one "class" or are there other dogs? Are there other options? A good old class can be a great place to start too But if you are comfortable paying for this class no problem with that either!

      There are tons of great sites and great books with information. I don't think any of these are mutually exclusive - I have taken various group classes, done online training and read tons of books and sites Unfortunately my memory is crap so I end up having to re-read most haha.

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      I can't learn to train from books or videos, and I certainly wouldn't pay $300 for a class. Maybe this is a case where you try a Petsmart or Petco training class and see what you need to work on.

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      May 2014
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      I hired a private trainer that was well respected in my area. I was hoping to get the trainer to train the dog not to do a few things I couldnt figure out how to stop, what I received was a bunch of lessons for me so I agree that you will pay to go back to school and get taught. I havent paid for private lessons again due to not getting the end result I wanted(my dog being trained). So just know what you will be receiving. I think group lessons would be better because you can learn from others/socialize/make friends.
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