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      ThunderLeash, Pulnomore, and Sporn Halter

      My lab is almost 3 years old. We've been to classes, several sessions of 8 in total. We walk a few times a day. He runs free in our back yard at least six or seven times a day. I have tried the face collars, the harnesses, and the prong collar. Yes, I know they are only a tool and the dog needs to "get it" as far as not pulling.

      I recently came upon the ThunderLeash, and I notice a difference. He's just not pulling like a buffalo going full speed when he sees a tree that he wants to squirt. It's not perfect, but, my, what a difference. We both seem to enjoy the walk better.

      I also bought the Pulnomore, but it has not arrived yet. The strap on the Pulnomore goes around the back part of his torso, whereas the Thunder Leash wraps around the front part of the torso.

      A friend has referred me to the Sporn Halter. He has a lab and has had success with this one.

      I would be interested in reading your thoughts on any of these items.

      Again, I know classes are the best for training. I also realize there will be those that say it is me that needs help, not my dog. With that said, I am interested in learning about these three products from others who may have used them, pros and cons. TIA.

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      Any of the front attaching harnesses will throw off the dog's stride and cause problems with them neurologically. So I don't recommend them. I also find them somewhat hard to fit. And like most harnesses, they are notorious for causing irritation where they rub.

      Personally, I like the Sporn Training halter. Just be sure you get the right one. There are two styles. One is more traditional and you don't want that one. The other is a martingale style that has the action around the rear of the front legs. No neck jerking, or anything like that, like you might find with a regular martingale collar.

      This is the one I like:

      They come with sheepskin covers to prevent rubbing.

      I wouldn't use any other kind.

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