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      One thing I did forget. When Bandit started swimming I bought floatable marine rope. I was afraid he would get his legs tangled in a long lead. It didn't happen but there is another option.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
      I would recommend lakes and ponds first so she learns how to swim and is comfortable swimming. At her age she will have a ton of energy but not a lot of strength as she will next year. Now not to say she shouldn't go in the ocean just that fighting waves are hard and a lot more work and they have to learn that even when their feet touch they can't sit still, a wave is coming right behind them. Then the other thing I do not let Hemi go into the waves unless I am with him and swimming. I just don't. I have had to real him in to the beach for a rest before. He wouldn't know to stop because it is too much fun.

      The other thing if you are driving there, get a tarp for your seat. I think half the beach sand comes right back into my truck.

      Also just a thought, if you have not thought of dog back packs. They are great. I make Hemi carry his towel and mine, spare leash and treats and poop bags. I carry the water. It can really be rough with with wet excited lab and your hands are full.

      Hemi going to the beach.

      Hemi at the beach
      Hemi always makes my heart melt! You two are the greatest buddies.
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      Thanks, everyone, for the great suggestions! We actually have some floating marine rope (what a great idea), so I could easily make a lead for when we go to the ocean. I don't think she's ready for wave swimming yet, so we'll hold off on the shoreline fun times till she's a stronger swimming(or shows aptitude for it at all...right now she just stands in shallows and paws at the surface).

      I love Hemi and his pack! Our last girl would hike with her own food and water, which was really helpful in the mountains. He is cute as pie!
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