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      Quote Originally Posted by Labradorks View Post
      I have a ton of co-workers with doodles though, and proud of it. I'm not sure what the draw is, personally. Has anyone here met one they like? I know people who have never met one that get one because they assume the dog will be the best of the Lab and the Poodle and hypoallergenic. So, I do know people that get them and their energy level is way more than they bargained for, but that's true with Labs, too, so not sure it's a doodle thing. The ones I've known, even ones that do OK in competition, have been huge (26" or so), bouncy like a poodle, whiny with some separation anxiety (not sure where they get that from) and with really poor conformation to the point of injuries and discomfort doing things like sitting. I've yet to meet one that reminds me of a Lab in any way. I'm not sure why these people don't just get a well bred Poodle and call it a day.
      I've met quite a few...and I've liked them all, some more than others. Some (most) are/were much more interested in people than others and most (but absolutely not all) liked other dogs. A couple are seriously reactive toward other dogs. I only know them from the park so I can't address any anxieties, etc., but Poodles in general tend to be a bit neurotic (I can't even begin to count the number of purebred Poodle owners who've said that about their own dogs when I mention that Sunnie (and therefore Dan) has Poodle in her. She's a neurotic and her nut didn't fall far from the tree.) Some of the larger ones are/were so sweet...

      Quote Originally Posted by Shelley View Post
      Actually the man that "created" the mix regrets it now, and say he made a huge mistake.

      So, when you mix two breeds of dogs, now they have the genetic potential to acquire all of the diseases of Both breeds.
      Can you see what a disaster this could be? Yikes.

      Recommended health clearances for for Poodles from the Poodle Club of America
      Hip Dysplasia: OFA, OVC or PennHIP Evaluation
      Eye Exam by a boarded ACVO Ophthalmologist (results registered with OFA or CERF)
      Health Elective (one of the following tests): OFA Thyroid Evaluation from an approved laboratory OFA Sebaceous Adenitis (SA) Evaluation from an approved dermatopathologist
      For Standard Poodles, the PCA Foundation also strongly recommends the following testsfrom an OFA-approved laboratoryNA Test for Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizure

      For Labradors
      Hip Dysplasia OFA evaluation
      Elbow Dysplasia OFA evaluation
      Annual eye exams by a Boarded ACVO Ophthalmologist (results registered with OFA or CERF)
      EIC DNA test from an approved Lab
      D Lucus (Dilute) DNA test from an approved lab
      Centro Nuclear Myopathy (CNM) DNA test
      prcd-PRA DNA test from an approved Lab
      Advanced Cardiac Echo performed by a boarded ACVIM Veterinary Cardiologist
      One of the ones I used to know (mid-sized) was obtained specifically to avoid Lab and Poodle issues....I don't know if the "breeder" sold his owner on the avoidance of issues through mixing or what, but this dog had major health problems his entire life and finally died from complications of massive seizures. Seizures was one of the things his owner wanted to avoid. His brother died more recently of heart issues. The first one died really young and the second one was still in the single digits of years.

      One of the large ones I used to know had two bouts of bloat. I don't see that dog in the park anymore so I don't know if anything "happened" to him.

      Another of the large ones I used to know died at less than 10 from heart issues. He was a huge dog...not fat...and just the biggest love...

      I wouldn't want one but, yeah, I've known some real sweeties.
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      Also a lot of people who are allergic to dogs are triggered by their dander (sloughed off skin flakes), so it may not be related to actual fur.

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      My SO has been suggesting a labradoodle. Her sister owns one and my SO has been around the dog for long periods of time with no allergic reactions.
      People with allergies can sometimes tolerate an animal they spend a lot of time with. But not another animal of the same type. You might find whatever dog you get, even a non shedding Labradoodle, might still require some build up before your SO could tolerate it.

      AS to whether a Labradoodle really would be one of the non-shedding ones, obtaining the dog as an adult would allow you to determine that. Plus, an adult could run with you as soon as you can build it up to the running you do. You'd have to wait till a puppy is 18 to 24 months old, depending where you run. I know you didn't say you were looking for a puppy, just saying, just in case.
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      I'd say Portuguese Water dog, or standard poodle. Also wheaten terrier i believe doesn't shed. just make sure that the breeder (if you go that route) is reputable, they track the lineage and test for the hips, elbows ears eyes etc... meet the breeders other dogs, the mother etc.. and make sure you like their temperament, how social etc..

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      Here's your dog. In this clip he's showing a lab how its done.

      Remy, the Master Hunter Standard Poodle retrieving Canadian Geese - YouTube

      This one competed in the Master National. Find out who bred him. He's obviously athletic, trainable, and looks pretty darn healthy.

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