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      Mar 2017
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      Hello Everyone....

      Lots of questions and what a great site and very intelligent lab people. My main question is this. My 3.5 year old Chocolate Lab Gus goes walking with me all the time and well actually its every day. Is there a limit to how much he should walk? Also I have an Expedition and I worry about him jumping in and out of the car several times a day. I put a ramp and he jumps over it. Thanks in advance to any ideas or feedback you may have.

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      Hi and welcome to the board!

      3.5 years old is prime of life for a Labrador :-) He can get as much exercise as you and Gus want, as long as you are not a 'weekend warrior', and cram a lot of activity in on the weekends and do nothing during the week. If you are planning on upping his exercise a lot, or start running with him, or strenuous hikes, start out slow and build endurance, like you would if you were in training. Otherwise, as long as he is healthy and fit, and not grossly overweight, go for it.

      I have a ramp for my Sienna, and Tundra truck, or I use a "paws up" command and boost them into and out of the back, into their crates, so they don't stress their joints jumping in and out at will as puppies. I make it a controlled entrance and exit from the crates as adults, and they are so used to either the ramp, or my easing them down and out that they let me, and that's fine with me.

      When I first got my ramp, I followed the directions, of letting them check it out on the ground, then encouraging them to step/walk on it, then we moved to the car, with two people, one on each side and leashed the dog, to keep them on the ramp, with lots of praise and cookies for doing it right. Puppies just emulate the older dogs now, and just follow them right up the ramp as youngsters.

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      Gigi got full tilt at a dog park for an hour and half Sunday and Saturday . Between me and my wife atleast an hour of fetch with a chuck it in a day broken into sessions. Oh we do walk 2 miles every night . She is 11 months.

      I do like the ramp idea as my tundra is lifted and my explorer is tall too.

      I train with her atleast once couple days for an hour and 15-20 minutes a day.

      Again nothing forced ,she loves to be on the move .

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      drewwow (04-10-2017)

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      Can't disagree with any of the above. The only thing I will add is to not let Gus get overweight... because even with the exercise, Labs will out eat their calorie expenditure if allowed to.

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      drewwow (04-11-2017)

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      Hello and Welcome!

      I'm a big advocate of using a ramp. I do home seniors so it's an absolute necessity. Even so, that's a lot of stress on joints especially since it most likely happens the majority of time on hard surfaces. Ramp training, we've found, takes two people, one of each side of the ramp so no jumping off. Guide up/down with a leash, treats and tons of praise. Make it a rule rather than an exception for getting in or out. Make sure the ramp you choose has a textured surface/mat for good traction.
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      Welcome to the forum! Agree with the advice to not let your dog get overweight. Nothing puts an extra burden on those joints like 10-15 extra pounds.

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