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      Welfare check on neighbor's lab (happy ending)

      We live in a valley so even if we don't know all of our neighbors, we have a really good view into some of their yards. A few houses away from us there was a family with two labs: George, who's older, and Daisy, who was about a year. Sometimes we saw George and Daisy on walks, and we knew from conversations that the family had taken Daisy in when a co-worker bought a lab puppy but found her to be too much work. George and Daisy spent most of their time outside, which made us sad.

      The neighbors moved out over the summer, and we saw that *their* neighbors (we'll call them the Beaches) had a new dog. Via the grapevine, we learned the new dog was Daisy! DH and I felt bad that Daisy had had 3 homes before the age of two. Sometimes we could hear Daisy barking, and we started to really wonder whether we should offer to take Daisy in.

      So this weekend, we 'happened' to stroll over to the Beaches' while they were outside playing with Daisy. We came up into their yard and talked to Mr. and Mrs. Beach and learned all about the electric fence they were training Daisy on; how often they play with her (a lot); how she sleeps in their bed. We also go to play with Daisy and were reminded at how.very.easy Kimber is at 12!

      On the way home, we kidded each other about saving a lab who thankfully did not need saving.
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      Good for her!

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      hopefully this home is the winner for Daisy!

      And yes I have completely and totally moved into "senior dog" mode haha. It'll be a shock when I get my next "active young dog" I honestly used to sorta roll my eyes at people who got a puppy after 12+ years and said it was a bit of a shock. But I totally and completely get it now hahahaha

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      Sometimes things are not what they seem, but it was GOOD that you went to check on Daisy. It shows where your heart is!!
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      Welfare check on neighbor's lab (happy ending)

      That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger :-). We had 15,14,14 and went to a great rescue, Stella (5 months) and a beautiful boy pure bred, Anthony (7 months). I thought I was going to go crazy. They are now 4 and almost 4.....we made it, but what a shock!

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