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      Feb 2018
      Wilmington, DE
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      Back to the new forum.


      I was a member of the forum back in 2005, it looks like that one went away. A shame all that information may have been lost, but oh well…

      Had three black gals so far, all different as can be. Last one, Sunshine, is why I joined here originally, she was the Spawn of Satan. I just needed to be reminded that I was not the only one, and to have a place to shed some tears and get sympathy while I waited for her to grow out of it all. Took 3 years. Turns out she just had way too much enthusiasm for her size. 90#, 25.5 inches at the shoulder. Yeah, a big, powerful gal for an American lab. She did turn into a great companion though and is missed.

      So, joined again because I am going to be needing another companion soon. I am older and have some issues so will need an assistance companion. I’d rather raise a pup while I can, so she learns my terminology, quirks and fits in with me and my lifestyle. Besides, who doesn’t like the challenge of a lab pup!!! LOL

      My pups found me in the past. I put out word that I was looking, and soon after someone knew someone who knew someone who had a little black gal looking for a new home. All were from great breeders and all were perfect labs… eventually. I like the American labs, leaner and taller with those big sad root beer eyes. Nothing against the block heads! Just personal preference, not meant to offend anyone. I like basic black also, goes with all my outfits.

      Anyway… Joined up so I can read and remind myself just what I am getting into again. The ups the downs, the down’s again… Of that first year. All the stages I forgot about after they got over them, but will be going through again. I really do miss living with a Lab.

      I realize I am going to have to be more specific in finding a breeder this time. I won’t be able to handle a pup that got in line twice when they passed out enthusiasm. No 8 hours at the lake or day long hikes just to get all that energy out of them. I am going to need one with a bit of ambition, but much more laid back. Yeah, not an easy task but doable. I know there are breeders out there that do breed specifically for assistance companions. That is what I will be looking for.

      It is going to be a few months, or maybe even a year before I have a place and am ready to accept the responsibility of taking on a companion, and give them a well deserved forever home with a purpose in life! So, keep me in mind if you know anyone who does breed for assistance companions and I’ll keep y’all posted on when I am ready to start looking.

      Until then.. Bring on the puppy pictures!

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      May 2014
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      Welcome back! The board crashed a couple years ago and we all had to re-join. Looks like you're right up the road too! I do an obedience class just over the border in Landenburg, PA. While I have no advice on breeders, there a few folks here that I'm sure can help you out with you search!

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      May 2014
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      Welcome back! Yes, you'll notice that a lot of us "joined" in May 2014.

      Good luck with your search.
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      Wwwoodchuck (02-03-2018)

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      Hello and Welcome Back!

      If you remember, I home senior labs and find they fit all your needs except for longevity. I know there are breeders and pups out there just perfect for you.
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      Real Retriever
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      May 2014
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      Hey, I remember you and Sunshine and her crazy antics. RIP sweet girl.

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      May 2014
      Carolina in my mind..
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      Welcome back! I'm always happy to see old members find their way back to the board, so many have come and gone over the years.

      It's always a shock to start over with a young puppy, probably no matter how "mature" you are and how "calm" they're predicted to be. As a reminder, we cannot recommend breeders on the open forum but people can send you leads on litters or breeders in a private message. That cannot happen until you have 5 or more posts on the forum, I think 5 is the right number. So, since you're back and looking around, be sure to add a comment here and there to get your post count up at least to the minimum. You have plenty of experience to share for those with their own new "Spawn(s) of Satan" puppies, too!

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      Best Friend Retriever
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      May 2014
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      I remember you and Sunshine! we have added Daisy, a yellow English hunter pup and she and Polly are very different in stature; Polly being the black field lab. She has a little more white (a lot!) on her muzzle now. And yes, we all had to rejoin and our old posts were gone. I haven't even made it back up to senior lab yet!

      I am sure you will find your perfect pup!
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