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    Thread: Breeders?

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      Jan 2019
      Norman, OK
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      Does anyone know of any good lab breeders in Oklahoma?

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      As Kimbersmom's link notes, we cannot recommend breeders on the open forum for the reasons Woody states. There are several breeders who are members here who can probably guide you in your search but it needs to be done through private messages. You can't receive those messages until you have 5 or 10 posts yourself. So, you could write another post describing a little more about what you're looking for in a lab- whether you're looking for a show-bred lab as a pet or participant in dog sports, search and rescue, etc., or more of a field lab for hunting. You can also increase your post numbers pretty quickly by just posting a quick hello to other recent members or commenting on a few photos or whatever looks easier to you.

      I tried looking at the Labrador Retriever Club home page for a lab retriever club and didn't find one located in Oklahoma geared specifically toward labs. You could probably look in neighboring states depending on which ones you're closest to.

      Labrador Retriever Club Find a Breeder

      There were a couple of retriever clubs that seem more geared toward hunt tests or field trials with any type retriever, if that's where your interest lies. Maybe someone in one of those clubs could point you to breeders of labs bred more along those lines.

      Tulsa Retriever Club

      Sooner Retriever Club Home

      Good luck with your search!
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      Please get your post count up and let us know the style of Labrador you are looking for. I can probably send you the names of a couple of breeders that focus on conformation Labradors.

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