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      By the way, the bell on the door is a mixed blessing. It helped a lot when he was a puppy, but he also figured out he could get my attention whenever he wanted even if he didn’t have to go out to potty. He definitely went through a stage (a very annoying one) of over ringing the bell. I had to take it down, but it’s back up now because he rarely does false rings now.

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      One of the best things i taught gigi was pee and poop command as a puppy . From 8 weeks when she poops or pees we will say good poop and good pee. in a few months she has learned and now it is so much easier when we are travelling as i can pull on the side of the road and ask her to pee or when i am leaving and i know she has been inside the house for a while and need to pee before getting in the car so she is good for a few hours. I can even tell her poop is overgrown areas than in people front yard . Especially when we are long distance camping trips.

      keep working, i actually saw my neighbor do this when she had trainer over and decided when we got another puppy we will. Its such a great tool.

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      LOL, I have always assigned words to the action too. Now I think they fake it. We are going for a ride in the car, do you need a Hurry Up? A Finish? Hmmm, well, I don't see any yellow running down that white birch tree truck and there sure as heck is not a brown bump on the lawn either.
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