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      Sep 2014
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      Red face New to forum love my lab question about toys

      Hi found this forum love that it is just about labs. I have a 1 1/2 year old girl lab Sadie. Love her
      Anyways was wondering about durable interactive toys. What one you guys like. And what you
      do to get that lab energy out. Man she is a ball full of energy. Thanks.
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      Hi and welcome to you and Sadie! As for toys, every lab is a bit different, but my #1 priority is safety - nothing that can hurt them, nothing they can swallow... If you use the Advanced Search tool in the upper right corner here, you'll probably find a lot of suggestions about toys based on people's experience. I know there were tons of good tips before the unfortunate crash. Good luck!
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      Welcome!! Mike gave great advice, start there!
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      Hello and Welcome!

      Each lab is different. All toys should be monitored, you never know. Tennis balls are not the best because constant chewing can wear down teeth. However, as a monitored toy for retrieving, great exercise.

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      May 2014
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      Welcome. We hike. And when we can't do that, play fetch in the backyard. They do about 50 fetches and our back yard is medium sized. Dog parks are great for some labs; however, if your lab is not a dog park dog, I would give up quick; some dogs are, but some dogs aren't, even labs. Have fun!

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      Mocha is a power chewer. You can see him thinking about how to chew up a toy. He has a method, first the power chewing with the back teeth, then the more precise chewing with the front teeth. We've gone through lots of toys. Mocha has 2 toys he's had since we brought him home almost a year ago that he hasn't destroyed - The red kong and his tail . Sometimes we'll put peanut butter in the kong and sometimes he just chews on it. We leave his tail plain

      In May, I bought him a green Goughnut stick and he's barely made teeth marks in it. These are guaranteed for life. It has a red core and if you ever see red, send it back. With the stick, we can throw it or it's long enough to play tug.

      A tired lab is a good lab! Outside play and fetch will burn some energy. We have about 3 acres if invisible fence. So sometimes I'll just walk around Mocha's perimeter and he will walk, run, follow trails, find sticks, chase frogs or butterflies. He's not always running, but the adventure uses up some of that energy.

      Hide and seek seems to burn up some energy. I usually use treats, but you can use toys, too. We can do this inside or outside.

      Always supervise when they're playing with toys. We take the toys away when Mocha starts getting pieces off.

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      Hi and welcome! For interactive play, I play hide and seek with treats for Bailey. She also gets at least 1 two-mile walk/day. Bailey is a lower energy lab. She will swim all day if she has the chance, but she also enjoys sleeping on the couch. For chewing, she loves her kong with peanut butter or some frozen concoction. She also loves her antler which she chews mostly in the evening. She will destroy most other toys.

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      May 2014
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      welcome to the boardthere is no "really really" durable toy if a dog just wants to destroy it. Supervise and make sure the dog doesn't needless chew on them to chew. I go for items with less stuffing and somewhat more durable.For exercise, lots of off leahs play, play dates, dog parks, etc. (an hour a day at that age) and then adding leashed walks and training to work the brain

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      May 2014
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      Black Kongs hold up well for us.

      Also West Paw has a few that our labs like: Tizzi, Bumi & Tux. Our lab like to shove them in the other's face starting a tug of war.

      Nylabones are a big hit too.

      Like my furless kids, toys must be rotated. Every few days I put some away for a while taking others out. This way they are "new" and interesting.

      Edit: instead of tennis balls, which are destroyed in less than 5 minutes, I give Lacrosse balls. They are solid rubber, barely any tooth marks after 18 months.
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      Welcome!! I have a 1 1/2 year old too, for him off leash time at a park or dog park is best. He loves the dog park, is very social and plays with all kinds. My older lab 8, stays right with me the whole time. Gibson's not so into toys but raw bones can keep him occupied for quite a while. And swimming in the pool.
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