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      Mar 2015
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      Unhappy My dog has a bad swollen feet !!! Appreciate immediate help

      My Labrador Bruno has a bad swollen feet as seen in the pictures....the Vet is keeping him under observation by giving several antibiotics and injections. Based on how he responds a decision has to be made for biopsy or something more serious. At this point the Vet is unable to know what exactly it is, he says it is due to broken nail and I certainly don't think so...please let me know if anyone knows about this or can help with some crucial information. We are all worried for Bruno!!!
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      Feb 2015
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      Oh my! Poor Bruno!

      I have no knowledge of anything about this, but I'll be thinking of you and you pup! I hope you get some answers.

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      I have no advice, but feel really sorry for Bruno - the paw looks terrible, never seen anything close. If you feel that a broken nail is not the real culprit, I would definitely try to get a second opinion, and try to get some more information. Fingers crossed so Bruno is back to normal soon
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      Is it just the one foot or actually more feet involved? If more, I'd suspect some sort of toxin was stepped in.

      If only the one, I'd think he may have been bitten by something (if a fast swell) or possibly a tumor (if a bit slower). I really can't believe that a broken nail could cause something like that unless an infection has been brewing for a long time and I think you'd have noticed that before it got this big.

      Sending good thoughts that you get an accurate diagnosis and it's something easy to treat. Welcome to the board.
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      May 2014
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      WOW! That's scary looking have you ever thought of taking Bruno to another vet for a second opinion or maybe to a college around there that has a vet school?
      Sending good thought for Bruno
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      Oh my, that looks so painful. No advice, except from maybe seeking for a second opinion.

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      May 2014
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      Sometimes stepping on certain kinds of thorns (or porcupine quill) can cause massive swelling, or stepping on foreign object if it gets embedded in the soft tissues. Other possibility is snakebite. It looks bad, I would see another vet, first vet may be out of his league on this one, Bruno's limb may be at risk.

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      Best Friend Retriever
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      May 2014
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      Sorry I can't add anything other than to hope Bruno gets better soon. Our thoughts are with you.

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      May 2014
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      Sending good healing thoughts but I would have another vet look at that if you are sharing with us all that the current vet is doing.

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      May 2014
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      Poor Bruno! I'd definitely be looking for a second opinion. That looks nasty.

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