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      Apr 2015
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      Your puppy is absolutely adorable!! When I first got my dog Khloe she was very shy and not affectionate at all, now she's the most affectionate dog I could ask for a total mush lol The more love you show them they more they will love and want to be loved she just has to get used to her new home and surroundings.

      Good luck and congrats

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      Tillysmom (04-30-2015)

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      Thanks so much! It was making me anxious

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      Brianne_Nicole (04-30-2015)

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      She is adorable!!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Tillysmom View Post
      I think I have attached a picture?!?!

      We we brought Tillysmom home and love her! She doesn't seem to really want to snuggle she is getting better but if she has a choice she's in the crate or on the floor when resting. She does play well with us. She has had no accidents YET, one other thing I nitice is she fights being put on her back is that normal? Someone told me that's a sign of aggression and stubbornness just wondering if. That's normal.
      Congrats, what a cutey.

      why is she on her back? if you are doing the "alpha roll" i wouldn't make it a habit or recommend doing it really.
      Important note: you will hear ALL KINDS of random "tips and info" about dogs both online and in person. Be careful, TONS of it is false or inacurate. Don't believe everything you hear even if they appear to be someone that has had many dogs in the past (having a dog doesn't make you an expert in dogs) or say it as though they "just know". Collect the info then research to see if it's accurate or not. Your pup is a baby - it's normal for her to not just stop movign because you put her on back. it has absolutely NOTHING to do with aggresssion. Like when people have babies, it seems everyone has some kind of random "advise" they need to impart that may or may not be true.

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      Maxx&Emma (07-28-2015)

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      Tilly is a beautiful girl!!!
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      You shall never be forgotten, my friend

      Mel *6/14/2013
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