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      Apr 2015
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      Cool New and getting our puppy on April 29

      Hello, I am so excited that I found this site. The information on here is amazing We are getting our first puppy, an English Lab, on April 29, 2015. she will be 8 weeks old. I have been doing so much research and this site has been the best. We plan on crate training. I am hoping I am strong enough to let her cry the first few nights. We are going crazy with purchasing stuff for her.

      My main concerns:
      Food: the breeder uses pro plan but we are planning to switch to either Blue Buffalo or Wellness. However, I talked to my sister-in-law today and she said she has always fed her chocolate lab pro plan and loves it so i am not sure what to do now.
      crate training
      I am a teacher and leaving her for a month with work. I do have someone to come to the house to play with her in the middle of the day and give her a break. We will be home the first 5 days.

      I am sure I will have many more questions and am thanking everyone in advance for advice and support!

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      May 2014
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      Welcome and congrats on the new addition. Keep the pup on the breeders food for at least the first year. Pro Plan is good food, and I'm sure your breeder uses it because their dogs do well on it. There are a lot of member of this board who use Pro Plan.

      If you get a chance to visit the pups a week or so before you pick yours up, take a couple towels and have the breeder put them in with the pups. You'll be able to take them home with you and the pup, and he will have something with a scent he knows. I can tell you from recent experience (2 pups over the past 3 years) that those first couple weeks can be a bit rough. Biting, house training, crate training, chewing everything in sight. You'll swear you have a possessed demon in your house. Patience is the key to getting though this period, and soon enough, a routine will be established and things will start to get easier. Sign up for puppy classes as soon as the pup has had all shots. It will get you started on the right track.

      Raising a Lab pup is a journey, not a destination. You are going to laugh and cry along the way, and with a lot of love, patience and effort, you and your pup will have an amazing journey together.

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      May 2014
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      Food - definitely stick with the food a breeder recommends and is feeding. There is a reason they use Pro Plan and if it works that is what matters. Biting - yep, Lab puppies are notorious land sharks! Pick one method to discourage the biting of humans and stick with it. A toy to replace your hand, rolling the lip over a tooth, removing yourself from puppy, whatever you choose. One of the biggest mistakes is using multiple methods, a puppy gets confused. It can take a while, lots of patience and consistency but eventually they do get it. Crate - make it a positive place. Feed your puppy in the crate, randomly toss high-value treats or a favorite toy in to crate, Google "crate games" for even more fun. Get a Kong and stuff it with banana slices, apple slices and a little bit of plain yogurt, mixed up, freeze it and give to puppy when you have to leave for work. Your puppy will will be happily occupied for some time.

      Most of all, enjoy puppyhood and the many joys and frustrations. Before you know it that sweet, soft little bundle will have a grey chin and you will wonder where the time went. Congratulations on your new baby and welcome!
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      May 2014
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      Good times!

      Great advice above. Have a vet lined up in advance is key.

      Talk to close by friends/ neighbors for referrals. Also, just in case, be aware of the closest 24 hour emergency vet. If you know where they are less chance you will need them!
      -- Ken, owned by:

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      May 2014
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      Welcome, enjoy your baby and tell us about your adventures!

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      May 2014
      St Augustine, FL
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      Hi and welcome!
      Another recommendation for Pro Plan, here. My girls have been on it for all of their almost 5 years. They love it, and they are very healthy and have great poops. (This will be more important than you know!) I also stuff their kongs with canned proplan and freeze them for snacks.
      I recommend you bring a fleecy toy at pick up that you let the litter and their Mom play with for a few minutes, or offer to swap with one of the Breeder's toys, so your pup will have familiar scents those first few nights.
      I also suggest health insurance as soon as they are eligible, before any preexisting conditions become known.
      Puppy class as soon as possible, also.
      You are sooo going to love your Lab, and we want to see pictures!
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      Everything important seems to have been said, so: Hi, Welcome, and Congratulations!
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      You shall never be forgotten, my friend

      Mel *6/14/2013
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      May 2014
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      Welcome and congrats! It's so exciting to be waiting on a new pup. Enjoy and post pics for us!

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      May 2014
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      Quote Originally Posted by barry581 View Post
      Raising a Lab pup is a journey, not a destination. You are going to laugh and cry along the way, and with a lot of love, patience and effort, you and your pup will have an amazing journey together.
      This is truly great advice. My Tilly will turn 8 a couple of days before your Tilly joins you. The past 7+ years has been one of the best journey's of my life and I hope that this will be the same for you - enjoy the ride! You will learn tons from folks on this site. They will share your highs and lows (a scare with Tilly a couple of years ago was what bought me here). The advice and support that I have received has made me a better and much more educated lab Mum. Will enjoy seeing pics of little Tilly when she arrives. I bet you cannot wait!

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      Feb 2015
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      Welcome! This site is amazing indeed. Enjoy your baby girl!

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      Tillysmom (04-06-2015)

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