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      May 2014
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      Lightbulb New Members Please Read

      Welcome to the Labrador Retriever Chat Board. I am going to give you a few tips to help you enjoy the forums.

      1. If you ask for advice or an opinion be prepared to get to get it even if it's no what you want to hear. I have seen lots of new members ask for advice and then throw a fit when they don't get back want they want to hear.

      2. This forum has a history of supporting responsible breeding by real breeders and adoption and rescue. I am not working on a unified theory for the universe because I am not a physicist and you shouldn't be breeding your dog because you aren't a breeder. If you come here looking to breed your dog because it's cute you will be very disappointed in what will transpire.

      3. If you come here looking for help with training, nutrition and enjoying your best friend you will be very satisfied in what will transpire.

      4. I don't put up with trolling and fighting and misbehaviour. We are all adults.

      I created this forum because my new labrador retriever puppy was a maniac. I say was because with the help of the people on this forum he turned out to be the best dog ever. I hope we can do the same for you. If you need a hand please message me for help.
      Thanks Everyone!!

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      Hi, everyone! I love and have two--a 7-year-old yellow lab (Maggie) and an 8 month old chocolate. We live in the south, about an hour from the shore. Our puppy is the picture of health, but our 7-year old has a history of allergies and skin problems. I have the allergies pretty much under control. My problem right now is biting flies. They do not bother the puppy at all, but they will not stop biting Maggie. She is on Revolution, but it does not control the flies. The bites drive her crazy and then we often end up with an infection. No infections right now, but I want to prevent them. Suggestions needed for keeping the flies away and also for itch control. thx

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      no longer necessary
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      Thanks for the welcome. I am interested in hearing everyone’s experiences with their lab throughthis site and to learn some things too. My buddy Jake is named after his daddy and a tennis ball and he is 9months now. I have had a few dogs in mylife and they all had their own characteristics and Jake is starting his. I have never had a dog which appears thissmart and I am seeking new things to teach him as he is eager to learnnow. I have to take him out to socializewith people and other dogs and I am learning things too. He is really close to me and my wife and doeswhatever we ask with just a slight delay sometimes, and he does those thingsfor the affection we give him. He liketreats too, but they are not needed or expected from him, just a soft word andrub. Looking forward to this site andothers thoughts. >>

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      Hello looking forward to all the pro and cons of owning a Chocolate Lab he is 2 yrs of age and is a very active family member, he keeps us moving.

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