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  1. Recommendations for raw complete dog food
  2. Opinions on puppy Nutro Ultra
  3. Getting frustrated
  4. Pro Plan SSS
  5. Weight of your puppy/Dog
  6. Would 38% protein be too high for a 9 y/o?
  7. Halo Brand dog food
  8. Pro Plan adult food
  9. elevated dog food bowl bad for dog?
  10. Annamaet Lean
  11. Annamaet Option
  12. What puppy food to give my 9 week old
  13. Rabbit
  14. again
  15. Raw beef bones
  16. Bayside Select Pro Pac
  17. Update on Sam's weight
  18. Dog treats
  19. Transition to Adult?
  20. Nutro Ultra Dog Food..advice
  21. Earthborn vs Fromm
  22. Dog food recommendations?
  23. Nutrisource?
  24. Castor and Pollux Dog Food
  25. Ice??
  26. Anyone feeding Petcurean kibble and having digestion problems...
  27. Ursa needs a good kibble to ease her tummy...
  28. Fish Oil & Cancer Risk
  29. recommendations for low fat food
  30. opinion on dog food
  31. Any of you guys use Verus?
  32. Possible Food Change
  33. Looking for a premium grain-free beef kibble...
  34. Raw bone question
  35. Looking for some ideas of long-lasting chews
  36. Is Fromm not agreeing with puppy?
  37. Nutri Source coupons
  38. Taking a chance and retrieving Fromm
  39. Large bone from Butcher
  40. Food Rotation feeders, Question!
  41. musical stomach
  42. Probiotics
  43. Farmina N&D on SportDogFood.com
  44. Vet Visit
  45. Iams and Eukanuba recall
  46. Food portions for 75 lb lab
  47. Change Food
  48. Venison based food
  49. We're BACK = Rivers and Creek update......
  50. Low calorie dog treats?
  51. Trouble with Science Diet ?
  52. Authority Brand dog food
  53. Raw Marrow Bones
  54. Food update
  55. FYI Trifexis is apparently causing deaths but not proved yet
  56. Would you feed your dog this?
  57. When to switch puppy to adult kibble?
  58. How much do you feed a day?
  59. Darwin's raw dog food
  60. Which fish oil do I buy?
  61. Are there Simple Additions to Food to add fat/weight gain?
  62. Puppy chugs water!
  63. Food brand recommendations
  64. Forgot Sam's Food
  65. Feeding quantity??
  66. Being picky about PP Sport
  67. Re-stuffing Marrow Bones
  68. Question for those who feed Fromm.....
  69. Educate me, please!
  70. Raw food prep...any tips on making it easier and faster??
  71. What do you feed?
  72. Do you feed senior dog food?
  73. Question about Honest Kitchen
  74. recall!
  75. Nature's Variety Instinct Raw
  76. Canidae
  77. Holistic Select
  78. expanded recall (what a surprise)
  79. The Chemistry of Kibble
  80. pawTree
  81. Fromm Lamb and Lentil
  82. Weight Loss Question
  83. few more brands Chili likes
  84. Not eating!
  85. The Honest Kitchen?
  86. changing from hills c/d
  87. again
  88. and again
  89. Interesting read for the die-hard GF fans...
  90. and again
  91. Food for a sensitive digestive system
  92. Best kibble for Cancer?
  93. Eagle Pack Dog Food
  94. Vitamins?
  95. Duck Feet
  96. Vitamin E Dose and supplement dosage
  97. Do Some Dogs Do Better With Grains? Another Sensitive Stomach Post
  98. Merrick Food (for my cats, but dog opinions welcome)
  99. Auggy Doggy's appetite is down
  100. whole Earth Farms
  101. Holistic Select
  102. Yuck!!!!! I won't eat that!!!!!
  103. WoooWooo… back on the Food CrazyTrain!!
  104. probiotic
  105. hope this works
  106. Does she seem to be overweight?
  107. Won't eat food? / Anyone have problems with Fromm GF Four Star Formulas?
  108. coconut oil
  109. Switched puppy food. now she wont eat :(
  110. Benellis diet
  111. She's going on diet!!!
  112. When do you switch to feeding twice a day?
  113. Pork Femur Bone Disaster
  114. Olive Oil
  115. Pet Food MisLabelling
  116. Changing food advice.
  117. Rotation Diets?
  118. Trying something new
  119. What Should I Be Aiming For w/ Calcium-Phosphorous levels?
  120. Coconut oil
  121. Too much food?
  122. Petflow users
  123. Peanut Paste
  124. Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach
  125. Benelli issues finally settled
  126. Jumped off the BB Band Wagon
  127. food topper
  128. starting new food
  129. Dog Food Help - Fromm
  130. Why Rotate Foods
  131. What food to feed
  132. Food for Sensitive Stomach
  133. trying to add another food to Benellis mix
  134. Affordable Homemade Healthy Treats
  135. How much yogurt should we be giving for a yeast infection?
  136. Dr. Becker's Real Food For Healthy Dogs
  137. Fruits and veggies?
  138. drowning in dog hair
  139. Herbal Supplements Flunk the Test
  140. does your lab eat fish
  141. Senior Food Question
  142. Pro Plan Feeders
  143. Help With Home Cooked Recipe. Please?
  144. You order online: winter temperature concerns?
  145. Should we switch ? Purina farm grade feeds vs. commercial brands
  146. Coconut Oil, Liquid or Solid?
  147. Apple Cider Vinegar
  148. Need to Switch Food :( Need advice
  149. need some advice/help
  150. New recall: Nutrisca
  151. baked food vs extruded food?
  152. Drinking more water.
  153. Diet food
  154. New Fromm products
  155. Just opened a new bag of food and found Moths.
  156. Trophy Dyne
  157. question about loose stools on new food....
  158. Nupro
  159. New Dog food for Active Hunting Lab
  160. New dog Food For Active Hunting Lab
  161. Deer meat?
  162. Petbrosia Customized Labrador Retriever Food?
  163. Puppy treats increase hyper activity?
  164. Whitefish? Oily Fish?
  165. Supplements?
  166. Petkind Kibble - Thoughts?
  167. To Raise or Not To Raise
  168. A soft poo cycle...
  169. Protein Needs
  170. Poop color Question
  171. ...
  172. How much to feed puppy? (w/ his photo)
  173. Fromm Feeders: Anyone actually tried the new stuff?
  174. Food ideas for lab with soft stools and dry skin
  175. BB finally admits it....
  176. Has anyone tried this stuff?
  177. kibble pieces sticking together?
  178. Anyone aware of a change with Natures Logic
  179. nulo?
  180. Third week of making home made Sophie food!
  181. Any downside to daily probiotic?
  182. Bladder and tummy upset: natural products to help
  183. Kibble size?
  184. Feeding a puppy more or just right?
  185. Supplements for a Senior?
  186. Fish oil
  187. Labrador Weight Loss
  188. Labrador Mix
  189. Looking for limited ingredient puppy food to help with itchiness and excessive ear yeast
  190. Diet food...
  191. Gauge and Benelli update
  192. Orijen Too Much for Eight Week Puppy?
  193. Wellness core
  194. FYI - Recall
  195. rules of grain-free?
  196. Green beans... What kind?
  197. Any experience with ProPlan Grain Free Lamb & Egg?
  198. Saw a new food at the local pet shop
  199. dog food, should we switch from royal canin to orijen?
  200. Iams Puppy Smart?
  201. FYI- Purina is buying Merrick
  202. For all the Blue Buffalo Fans....
  203. Feeding time
  204. Pro Plan Naturals?
  205. Petkind Dry Tripe
  206. Beer
  207. Not eating from dish?
  208. Annamaet Lean
  209. Rotation Diet
  210. Pro Plan Sensitive Skin
  211. Canine Caviar...anyone else?
  212. New pup
  213. For the foodies
  214. Bland Diet Ideas/Alternatives to Pumpkin?/Probiotics
  215. Acana made soft stool. What to do?
  216. regarding the feeding amount
  217. How long should I feed my puppy, puppy food?
  218. try a new brand or a different item of the same brand?
  219. Chopper's Weight
  220. Purina Beyond
  221. Coconut oil
  222. Lab needs to GAIN weight
  223. Cool foods / hot foods
  224. RAWZ food
  225. Do you all supplement?
  226. Too lean? Too fat?
  227. Post-raw weirdness
  228. How much food should he be getting?
  229. Pro Plan Weight Management
  230. Is Thor Skinny?! (bonus: lots of Thor pics)
  231. Need a food recommendation for Georgia
  232. Yeast Balancing Pro Biotic
  233. Recurrent Anal Gland/Fishbutt Issues - Food Recommendations?
  234. Interesting article about thyroid tissue in food and treats
  235. Vitamin D
  236. Farmina N&D Dog Food?
  237. how much should i be feeding bitch with 8 feeding puppies?
  238. not sure why diarrhea
  239. High Protein Bad for Overweight Dog? Need Food Recs please help.
  240. Fromm vs. Diamond Naturals
  241. Doggie vasectomies?
  242. Puppy soft stools
  243. Dry flaky skin and shedding.
  244. diet questions and confusions
  245. Food suggestion
  246. Pro-biotics
  247. Hello from Sophie and mom!
  248. How to appropriately gain weight?
  249. Blue Buffalo Class Action Settlement
  250. Vet tried to fat-shame Hoku