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  1. I thought I would post the first new post in Conformation
  2. I thought I would start the first new thread in Conformation
  3. First new post in Conformation, but can't post pictures?
  4. Just to get things rolling- Tiny Brag
  5. Leroy got his OFA's back
  6. Competiton healing...correcting lagging
  7. Dock diving second try, wish us luck
  8. Dock Diving Practice -- Success
  9. Agility and Dock Diving with Penny
  10. Barn Hunt - Who's tried it?
  11. Post stance in figure-8
  12. Video of Chloe's match today
  13. Jed's Big Win...
  14. I am so freaking nervous!
  15. Getting Ready
  16. Dock Diving Classes
  17. Sam had a blast!
  18. lab wants to attack and bite
  19. What to wear in obedience...ladies?
  20. Fenzi Dog Sport Academy?
  21. A little brag: Well, we did it. And we did it well. :)
  22. Dock Diving - She Jumped!
  23. Dock Diving - Class 2
  24. Day 1 of Penny's first Dock Diving Competition
  25. Age to start agility
  26. The broad jump!
  27. Took the old girl to agility class and she had a blast
  28. Dock Ding places near San Jose CA
  29. Back to nosework after a 3 week break.
  30. Grizz at his dog show...
  31. Janice Gunn / TNT Training DVDs
  32. Proper protocol for using another trainer?
  33. Jagger is a UKC Champion!
  34. Onto our next adventure!
  35. Being More, Doing Less
  36. Chloe returned to the Obedience ring this weekend!
  37. Great Weekend!
  38. labs & obedience titles
  39. So close...
  40. Killing time at an agility trial
  41. She Jumped!!!
  42. Dumbbell introduction
  43. First day back in agility after a 2 year hiatus!
  44. newest AKC Obedience Advisory Committee (OAC) recommendations
  45. Rally Novice title at 6mos and 8 days
  46. Loving my new instructor!
  47. Annette and Chloe should post a brag!
  48. Thinking of signing Gauge up
  49. Indoor Dock Diving
  50. Dogtra ecollars
  51. A Couple of Dream Weekends!
  52. The eternal challenge of Obedience training
  53. So I sat in
  54. Dock Diving Weekend
  55. Questions about event etiquette and greeting
  56. Beginner Rally-O Classes - OUCH!
  57. Murphys First AGILITY trial
  58. Bunny hop heel
  59. Puppy Heeling
  60. Rally-O Question
  61. Sophie
  62. Question
  63. Dealing with a "horndog"
  64. First Rally Class
  65. How do you know if you are ready to enter an agility trial?
  66. Beginner Novice Sit for Exam
  67. Brought Chloe out in Utility this weekend
  68. Sit for exam
  69. Tried Chloe again in Utility again today
  70. Do you think it's to soon?
  71. DIY Broad Jump?
  72. Fun stuff
  73. Murphy's First Agility Trial - For real this time
  74. Bruce's Rally Training - Update
  75. Bridget Carlson Seminar
  76. Class Heeling Audit
  77. UK Trip
  78. Splitting the Breed
  79. What's the story about the dog being poisoned at Cruft's?
  80. Chloe’s timing really stinks!
  81. Is there a general consensus...
  82. Who participates in dog sports and why? Interesting article!
  83. Just for fun - a friend sent me video of one of Chloe’s better NQ’s
  84. Need some help
  85. "Even though" training
  86. Reliability and the Retrieve: Justifying the Ear Pinch?
  87. Handling Class
  88. Conformation people - a little help please?
  89. It’s official ... .Chloe is on maternity leave from competitions.
  90. I don't get it...
  91. Sportdog Collars - yay or nay?
  92. Fun day at Rally trial
  93. First Official Agility Class
  94. Lab Breeder Suggestions - Agility/Competition lines
  95. Video of Bruce at Rally Class tonight
  96. What a great training weekend! Field work & Denise Fenzi clinic...
  97. Oh the Pressure! :)
  98. Noted on another website
  99. B-Match - oh boy!
  100. UKC Obedience trial today...
  101. Dear Obedience Folks
  102. Teach Me About Your Dog Sport
  103. We did it!!!
  104. Bruce's first rally trial
  105. Six days to RA for Kanzi
  106. Best Puppy in Match for Russell!
  107. Back on the Dock!
  108. puppy classes in my area - how to find
  109. Payneville KY
  110. Dock Diving: Tackling EV and speed retrieve!
  111. Agility Equipment
  112. Agility: how much training before you competed?
  113. Well... that keeps us out of class!
  114. First DockDogs Competition of the Year
  115. Our show weekend....
  116. Over the moon happy!!!
  117. Second Dock Diving Weekend - WOW!
  118. We start training for Utility early around here
  119. Our first training video
  120. Show Training Video??
  121. Puppy training videos
  122. Conformation peeps, what do you think?
  123. Congrats!
  124. Another Dock Diving Weekend
  125. Another great Denise Fenzi seminar
  126. Good obedience videos?
  127. Entering AKC events
  128. Jagger wins again...
  129. Puppies had their first official lesson yesterday
  130. Agility update and PHOTOS
  131. Jagger's latest win photo
  132. Labrador won't do as told but understands
  133. E collar Defective or not?
  134. Ok, I'm about to give up
  135. Drop on Recall - We got it!
  136. Weaves!
  137. Those boring obedience dogs :)
  138. Agility Video (with weaves)
  139. And some heeling
  140. Combined two of the puppies’ tricks and got baby go-outs
  141. A good day's work
  142. Bruce's second rally trial
  143. Anyone going to the Mid-Jersey Specialty this week?
  144. Problem Solving in Heeling
  145. New training class
  146. Showed Chloe at Mid-Jersey and she is definitely still rusty but
  147. Fall is here and Agility is Over for the Season
  148. Finding holes everywhere
  149. RN
  150. With success often comes.....
  151. All the little things...and a glass more than half full
  152. Dock Diving and Lure Coursing
  153. Workshops-- your expectations?
  154. Another take on overweight show dogs
  155. Black Friday, Walmart, and Ram Jet Rocket Dog
  156. Philadelphia dog show
  157. Nosework!
  158. Rescue puppy nipping at dog legs
  159. We took an agility lesson...
  160. Was talking to my trainer about the puppies and what class they will take in Jan.
  161. Help me understand what these acronyms stand for -
  162. String cheese
  163. Canine Good Citizen Test: Questions
  164. Very excited for my trainer (NLR)
  165. No Q Weekend
  166. FASCINATING New Business Opening in Our Town
  167. Flyball Classes
  168. Every day Obedience training on the job
  169. More reflections on "dog aggression"
  170. 2016 Dog Sport Goals
  171. Puppies started class last night
  172. Lily tried agility today and...
  173. Behaviorist assessment
  174. Had Chloe out in Utility today
  175. Another great Denise Fenzi seminar! (Who else do you recommend?)
  176. Sigh, another No Q weekend
  177. Well there goes that money...
  178. Kudos to my agility teacher!
  179. CGC... the deadline approaches.
  180. Seeking for advise regarding new puppy!
  181. It's not the dog... it's ME.
  182. Westminster!
  183. Dog Show Update!
  184. Proof Positive
  185. Tell me about your local obedience club!
  186. Training Journal
  187. New Title
  188. Is avoiding correction:”withholding half of the information?”
  189. Agility vrs. Rally vrs. Obedience
  190. First agility class!
  191. Just entered Chloe for two days at Potomac - anyone else going?
  192. Fascinating article on show vs. working lines (not just Labs)
  193. New Dog Stuff!
  194. Great Weekend for Hemi Musical Freestyle
  195. Jed's RAE Picture!
  196. Is it hard to find a handler
  197. Agility "seminar" (One Jump)
  198. Agilty: all the "words/commands" for jump
  199. I tried agility with my 5 year old lab..
  200. AKC National Obedience Championship
  201. Chloe brag
  202. Starting a new club? Advice? Experience?
  203. LRCP Show
  204. My lucky day!
  205. Remember the discussion about scent articles?
  206. Tips for a conformation newbie?
  207. Tried the big girl classes this weekend
  208. Puppies are coming along
  209. Tickle RWB
  210. Why I No Longer Call Myself a Balanced Obedience Trainer by Laura Romanik
  211. My not so great High Combined picture from Potomac
  212. Ratting Sports (barn/brush hunt) Seminar
  213. I think we can all appreciate this
  214. Long show weekend!
  215. Back from the show with an update!
  216. These boys are keeping me busy!
  217. Bittersweet...
  218. Help me! Age difference between performance dogs (not pet dogs)? Also, boy vs girl?
  219. Just Train the Damn Dog...
  220. Jed FINALLY gets his UCD!!!
  221. Very proud of my black dog today
  222. Secondhand brag
  223. Conformation Certificate
  224. Chloe knows her limits
  225. Chloe may not have gotten any placements today but I came home with a prize!
  226. New Title
  227. Chloe’s Utility run from yesterday
  228. Fun weekend/ Open Obed at the Lab Specialty
  229. Baby's first show
  230. Tickle!
  231. Jagger is a NEW AKC CHAMPION!
  232. First Big Girl Show
  233. 99
  234. Exhausting Weekend!
  235. Good couple of days
  236. Need some advice
  237. Udx!!!!!!!
  238. Another good day, and tried Dock Diving!
  239. Brooks puppy class obedience test
  240. The things we do for training, LOL
  241. Question about taking unregistered dogs to a dog show
  242. A stubborn dog.....
  243. This behaviorist thing is fascinating
  244. Took the puppies to their first practice match today
  245. Nosework Update
  246. Quinn got her first 2 points!
  247. Dog Camp!
  248. 2016 Year in Review
  249. Registered for Dog Training Camp!
  250. Have you seen Dobby the Airedale???