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  1. Teething Treats
  2. swimming
  3. Afraid of Water
  4. Potty training
  5. Please help with my lab!!
  6. Excitability: Training Regression
  7. Sophie trades up!
  8. Pearl is being crate trained!
  9. Puppy nipping
  10. Stumped with 7 month old and Car
  11. Puppy tearing at carpet
  12. Puppy Biting (Sticky maybe?)
  13. Teaching "Leave it"
  14. No crate training
  15. Question
  16. The bells are ringing!!!
  17. When are the teen age years?
  18. With a Heavy Heart
  19. scared
  20. A social outing with Sophie tomorrow!
  21. Collar Type
  22. Sophie's day out at the market fair!
  23. Devil Spawn No More!
  24. Puppy biting!
  25. Puppy Prep
  26. Puppy Activity.. future running partner.
  27. Sibling rough play
  28. Bailey's First Day home. Already a mess. :(
  29. When?
  30. Playpen for Puppies
  31. Constant barking!
  32. New puppy + 2 year old dog
  33. Leash training call for help
  34. Jumping on people
  35. Bedding
  36. Help with walking and other dogs
  37. Advice with stairs
  38. Garrus with separation anxiety?
  39. First puppy class
  40. Strange house training accident
  41. Funny puppy
  42. 6 months old and I just don't know who you are anymore???
  43. Overnight in crate
  44. Help.....I think
  45. Biting Leash and Laying On His Back
  46. Help with new Rescue Dog
  47. Pet Corrector spray
  48. Puppy is terrified of outside
  49. Eating Socks, etc.
  50. What would you do..? Bad habits resurface
  51. Canine Good Citizen Program (CGC)
  52. Teaching 'hike it' (or go away?)
  53. Any of you guys use Chuckit!
  54. Leave me Alone
  55. Tantrums!
  56. Smile or Stone Face
  57. Digging
  58. Seven months AND STILL NIPPING!!
  59. Mellow Yellow
  60. Leave it's and barking
  61. Who is this BEAST?!
  62. Crating
  63. How do you know when it is aggression?
  64. How do I slowly introduce off-leash hikes/exercise ?
  65. Bringing Pup on Family Vacation- Inlaws are not dog people!
  66. Release word
  67. Potty Training Help
  68. Help! How do I keep my puppy out of my garden??
  69. Do's and Don'ts for new lab puppies
  70. Help!
  71. Gentle Lead Collar, or Choker Chain for heel training?
  72. Looking for great toys
  73. Cute puppy play has now turned potentially dangerous?
  74. Day 3 with Coco
  75. Tie Out
  76. Turn off the alarm!
  77. Whole snout in water bowl
  78. Presley, recently adopted 3 yr old lab
  79. How can I tell if my puppy is agressive?
  80. Eats EVERYTHING outside
  81. Puppy Dominance
  82. How to stop from pulling when seeing other dogs?
  83. What to put in crate when puppy rips up everything including beds, towels and blankets!
  84. Strange Kennel behavior
  85. Nature's Miracle vs. Vinegar
  86. Puppy Doesn't Like to Go for a Walk
  87. 6 month old waking up at night
  88. Sophie got spayed on Tuesday and the vacuum cleaner
  89. Too much downtime for my pup??
  90. Separation anxiety?
  91. Energetic Puppy Gets Bored- Help!
  92. Too energetic puppy!!
  93. Puppy Regression after Napa Earthquake? Or just BAD behavior??
  94. Marking other dogs at daycare
  95. Dog lies down on a walk when seeing another dog and sometimes starts barking at them!
  96. Leash Training 10 Week Old Lab
  97. bruises on the backs of my thighs
  98. Uh-oh, Marking!!
  99. The accidents will end some day, right?
  100. Obstinate puppy!! Is he becoming a teenager?
  101. Need advice on over submissive yellow lab pup
  102. Barking for Attention
  103. My bratty teenager
  104. Tehter Tug
  105. Need Advice--Chester hates our neighbours!
  106. help!!!
  107. Wish us luck!
  108. 90 pound lab stops hurling... due to her harness!
  109. Thundershirt
  110. Completely heartbroken
  111. How do you know
  112. Suddenly afraid of (some) strangers?
  113. Possessive of Me?
  114. Too Excited around Toys!
  115. Children and Crazy Puppy Times
  116. Puppy running full speed right into me during play over and over and over
  117. Need help breaking bad sleep habits in 8 month old puppy
  118. Help, or just tell me this WILL get better
  119. How to handle excitement pee?
  120. Marking question
  121. 7 month old lab + new born advice/experiences
  122. 9 week lab biting holes in upper lip
  123. Night time insecurity?
  124. Desensitizing the scene of the crime
  125. AKC Training
  126. Barking Help????
  127. Gross Question (Read at your own risk)
  128. How do I get him to stop?
  129. Figured out how to get him to stop
  130. Friends or not
  131. Pouting
  132. Temper Tantrums
  133. What the heck was that?!
  134. Whistle introduction
  135. potty training and play biting
  136. Update on daisy day 2
  137. Bundle of Energy - Never Stops!!!
  138. Stages of maturity question
  139. Intense Separation Anxiety/Barrier Frustration
  140. Sleeping Question
  141. Toy Destruction!
  142. Puppy/Jogging Question
  143. Bundle of Energy - Never Stops Part 2
  144. Getting Nervous
  145. Housebreaking Anxiety
  146. Snapping
  147. Sleeping in the bed
  148. Sloppy Sit!
  149. Is This the Same Dog ?
  150. Family troubles with puppy
  151. Molly Starts class tommoow
  152. Terrible twos
  153. A couple questions on socializing
  154. Puppy Training update
  155. I'm the Center of the Universe!
  156. Training a puppy that is not food motivated
  157. Feeling drained
  158. Training the basics?
  159. Toying with having another labbie girl.
  160. Just Have To Say It Makes My Day!
  161. Not Listening
  162. Oliver is Maturing
  163. Training boost
  164. What I've learned...
  165. What the Heck is Going On ?
  166. I Sucked it Up
  167. Proofing my Release word
  168. Lotion licking labbie girl
  169. Sophie the trader!
  170. Puppy class at Petsmart
  171. So proud
  172. How many bad things can my 9 month old do in a day?
  173. Training Update in General
  174. Changing the potty spot
  175. When To Give a Time Out When Playing w/ Other Young Dogs?
  176. Removing the urine and poop smell
  177. How to deal with a fear period.
  178. Understanding
  179. Trainer - Best Thing Ever
  180. Got a crate
  181. Biting makes training impossible!
  182. No Glo Leash for Murphey!! Frustrated..grrrr
  183. Teen phase?
  184. when do they stop needing to chew??
  185. Can't Entertain Himself?
  186. Found her voice
  187. Excitement Urination
  188. Males want to ''do it'' with my baby girl!
  189. Is Rough Play a Bad Thing?
  190. Patience Is Truly a Virtue
  191. Which crate is best Platic crate or wire crate? Bringing new puppy home
  192. Training vest issues
  193. Sooooo....Ellie peed on one of our beds today. What is that?
  194. Panting
  195. Teaching COME
  196. Which collar and leash at 13 weeks?
  197. Voice?
  198. Repeating in my head "It's a phase... it's a phase..."
  199. Off leash
  200. What do you Love More? Me or the Food?
  201. No Peace At Dinner Time
  202. Is it ever too soon to take a puppy for a walk?
  203. Is Latte doing well? (or rather am I doing well?)
  204. Eating things from the ground
  205. Latte is a harsh player. Any suggestions?
  206. Impossible Recall !
  207. Sporadically biting my son
  208. Foster issues
  209. Yard Work
  210. Stealing from Counters & Tables
  211. Been slacking
  212. Walking the dog question, how many times a day
  213. Too young for obedience training?
  214. Growling when disturbed
  215. Biting the leash...biting me...biting shoes...biting anything in site!
  216. 20 times in 20 places
  217. Stray Cats
  218. Love in the bedroom... with an audience
  219. Putting It All Together
  220. Diarrhea on Walks
  221. Doesn't Like Water?
  222. Dog Loves Other Dogs Too Much
  223. Ivory Lab Puppy..chasing the cat's..biting everything in site, normal?
  224. Doesn't Like Comb or Brush
  225. A break from intense training
  226. Moving to a new house with puppy in tow...
  227. Pennies in a plastic bottle ok??
  228. Too Much Too Soon?
  229. 2 more important questions...
  230. Ugh...Think Baron is scared of me, from unintentional raising my voice while using commands.
  231. Get Off My Foot!
  232. Separation Anxiety?
  233. Bitter Apple Spray on Hands to Slow Biting?
  234. Doggie Boot Camp
  235. Wrong Door Silly
  236. Is it a LABBIE Think?
  237. early riser
  238. early riser
  239. potty area
  240. Is He Ready?
  241. An Apology, and a new question. (Important one to me)
  242. I CAN'T prevent Latte from eating poop
  243. best tips you have
  244. Ellie's New Aversion to ME
  245. Raising a singleton...advice from someone with experience??
  246. not happy in the car
  247. I guess I just need a pep talk
  248. Very Proud
  249. Ahhhhh! We constantly trip over him!
  250. Sad That My Dog Can't Roam Free