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  1. Someone has to go first :)
  2. A pair of seconds for the second thread in this sub forum:)
  3. missing Great Bay and Babe stories
  4. Baught a Dogtra 280 e collar
  5. Triumphs, Trials and Tribulations of Great Bay Babe and Great Bay Belle
  6. Question about the birds
  7. Test post 1
  8. WALKING BASEBALL - Do you understand and use it?
  9. Working on our WC
  10. How tight should the e collar
  11. Another field trial win
  12. Wisconsin seminar
  13. Training my first hunting dog.
  14. Is 2 too late to start bird training?
  15. Hunting Faster
  16. Working Certificate! WC!!
  17. New akc junior hunter title
  18. Vest or jacket
  19. Anyone training for Master or above?
  20. Sending off for training
  21. Raising game birds
  22. Cinder's First Pheasant Hunt
  23. Dog Kennel in back of Truck
  24. Physical Conditioning before hunting season
  25. Train my Lab
  26. For Team TRAD
  27. BooBoo 1st and 2nd day 2014
  28. Trad's first honker hunt
  29. Opening Day
  30. Another great day in the marsh for BooBoo
  31. Training my first Lab
  32. BooBoo and I had 2 good days on the Miramichi river
  33. High point Canadian Field Trial dogs I think Mr Graham may know a couple of them ;)
  34. Possible to be successful without sending away to a trainer?
  35. looking for a female to breed
  36. Trying a new trainer this weekend!
  37. 1 year old has NO interest in chasing a ball????
  38. Thoughts and prayers for team Trad and Irishwhistler
  39. Our gratitude - team trad
  40. Fun Week for the boy
  41. Labs that point or lock up?
  42. Second lesson with the new trainer
  43. Winter training
  44. I have a private lesson tonight.
  45. What are field trials exactly?
  46. Steady!
  47. You will NOT believe what happened at the Hunt Test
  48. Going to enter Rogue Valley...
  49. thrilling to see her work
  50. Baby steps...
  51. Starting to come in to her own
  52. Blinds Day
  53. Finding A Great "Sleep Away Camp" For Our 7 Month Old
  54. TEAM TRAD - Group Training
  55. Well... we're off to Medford!
  56. See you all next year!
  57. Team trad back in the dog games
  58. Not hunting: what can I do with her
  59. Today's drills
  60. Picnic test
  61. Team trad road trip
  62. training yesterday
  63. Retriever Training in a Drought
  64. Winger for Dog Training
  65. Not releasing her bumper
  66. Master Test in Dusty Water
  67. Terrific workshop
  68. Team trad regroups
  69. First Hunt Test
  70. Few Days off
  71. Had a scare last night and feel terrible
  72. I was feeling like doo-doo...
  73. What a great training day!
  74. Training my first hunting dog - Update
  75. Murphy's Law
  76. Took a dip
  77. WC Title!
  78. New and got some questions
  79. What a day!
  80. Chant finally got some training in
  81. What should I do next with my hunting dog
  82. Not Rocket Surgery
  83. Two good dogs, and a crazy, crazy training day.
  84. The bird drive
  85. Bruce's first field training
  86. Payneville KY area
  87. It's trial weekend
  88. Break in the action...
  89. Smartest Sporting Dogs in the World
  90. Today's Set Up
  91. A Featureless Field... oh, NO
  92. Money well spent.
  93. Finally got to water
  94. The featureless field is even more featureless now.
  95. Not coming the whole way back
  96. Hmmm... skip junior?
  97. So happy
  98. Two sided heeling and sends
  99. Opinion on sending pup to a trainer
  100. I don't get selling a young dog...
  101. More in the "driver's seat"
  102. Control is the name of the game.
  103. Anyone in Ontario? Looking to train for WC
  104. There is never enough time to train
  105. My Bad
  106. training time
  107. Boomer Off to the Pro
  108. Hazards of training
  109. We are BACK from Ireland!!!
  110. Bummer. Organized training done until February
  111. Home for good
  112. water entries
  113. Oy... another reason for 2 sided heeling.
  114. TRAD - Woodies Beware
  115. Off Season
  116. We aced the Junior Hunt Test at Lab Nationals!!!!
  117. New to this! (Opinions wanted)
  118. Special Day
  119. Doubles introduced
  120. FYI - Gun Dog Foundations online class
  121. Woo HOOOH
  122. exactly how do I do this - beginner
  123. Has Anyone Here Taken the AKC Judging Seminar Yet?
  124. It's here
  125. field Labs way more energy
  126. Tired crew
  127. Thought I had a problem
  128. Force To Pile
  129. Bottom
  130. Can't believe the weather
  131. Pressure
  132. TRAD - Back In The Groove
  133. TRAD - Back In The Groove Part II
  134. About training tools...
  135. Too soon for a second pup?
  136. First HT in 6-ish weeks
  137. "REV" Having A Great 1st Season
  138. Pigging out on SuperRetrieverSeries Videos
  139. Puppy training - need advice
  140. Dogs Just Know...
  141. Back at it
  142. dog parks for hunting dog ~ so crazy
  143. What I want to do vrs what I ought to do
  144. Just returned from AKC Judging Seminar
  145. Blind Spread
  146. Reinforcing here with e-collar when not training
  147. Anyone here Snow Goose Hunt?
  148. So here's what we did today
  149. Meeting other Lab people
  150. What is a "Lady Handler"?
  151. Hmmm... not perfect yet
  152. Hold help
  153. Uh oh... Someone is being a bad girl...
  154. Cosmo puppies
  155. Hardest test EVER!
  156. In search of perfection...
  157. I'll try anything
  158. Rusty
  159. Picnic Trial
  160. Almost a bad day
  161. Proud of my girl
  162. fun & mentally stimulating stuff for our bird dogs
  163. Well, well, well...
  164. Well, well, well...
  165. Junior Series NorCal 3-20-16
  166. Now for something completely simple-minded...
  167. Two days of intense training and off to Marin
  168. What a day in the field!
  169. Marin RC Junior Series.
  170. Rocket Dog's Lament
  171. First swim of the season
  172. Timicks I know your pain
  173. Another day, another drill
  174. Drills, Marks, etc.
  175. Duckcicles
  176. The No-Bird from Hell...
  177. First water work of the season
  178. Could use some advice from field trainers
  179. Variation of a drill
  180. Well this did not go so well...
  181. Balancing your programme
  182. New toy
  183. First Junior Hunter Pass
  184. Mouthing the bird
  185. Training grounds
  186. New ways to pull my chaiin
  187. Truer words have scarce been spoken
  188. Update - Team Rev
  189. Canada Geese
  190. OMG... talk about water work
  191. LEXIE - Click / Hold
  192. LEXIE - Click / Hold II Progress Made
  193. Bad trainer
  194. Ram Jet Rocket Dog has a new ride
  195. Water Lilies
  196. Snort, squeak, squeak, snort, snort...
  197. Leg #3!
  198. One down four to go
  199. We're in Count-down Mode
  200. Back home with our first Senior Ribbon
  201. First hunt test in the bag
  202. Slow motion
  203. Hills Ferry Senior HT
  204. Beyond Blessed
  205. Kids and Shotguns
  206. Still a struggle
  207. New Title Today!
  208. Rest days
  209. It's getting better.
  210. Steady on fliers today! Can you believe it!
  211. End of group training until next spring.
  212. Mission Almost Accomplished
  213. concepts
  214. I need bigger feet!!
  215. Two Great Days
  216. One more day
  217. Boundless energy
  218. Bummer
  219. Brooks and I went to spectate at our first hunt test
  220. New web page
  221. Bonus weather
  222. antler sheds
  223. Clumber Spaniels
  224. Another great one gone
  225. We're back at it.
  226. Blinds
  227. More Snow!
  228. Finally had a couple of days to train.
  229. Handling Confusion - anyone do obedience AND field work?
  230. Wipe Out!!!!
  231. Well!
  232. Question about Field Trials
  233. Adventures in Field Work
  234. That Hunt Test I Didn't Attend...
  235. Puppies
  236. You can sure tell what we have been working on (and what we have NOT been working on)
  237. Calling all Dog Trainers... what would you do?
  238. Interesting Article
  239. First Pheasant Flier
  240. I had no idea DW and I were so good with duck calls!
  241. A little late but....
  242. I did it!
  243. Man... she is brilliant in the first series!!!
  244. Marked retrieve
  245. How hot is to hot?
  246. Bill Hillmann's e-collar method
  247. Good dog, bad handler
  248. Grunt, pant, whine, snort, squeek, squeek...
  249. Our second qual of the season
  250. Good dog work.