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Thread: Blue Ridge Beef

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    Blue Ridge Beef

    Does anyone use blue ridge beef products?

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    I fed a few tubes of it awhile back just to try it out. I did not have any issues with it, I feed raw and and it is cheaper and more preferable for me to feed whole cuts of things rather than premade, so I did not stick with it or feed much of it. You might want to google, b/c at the time I was feeding Blue Ridge Beef (a co-op I was using at the time sold it so I decided to try it out), there was some controversy over whether or not 4D meats were used in the product. Apparently the owners of Blue Ridge Beef also have ties to a place that disposes of dead and diseased cattle. There was lots of debate over that topic in other dog forums, that should come up if you google it. And the owners vehemently deny using 4D meats, you will read stuff arguing both sides of it. I really didn't know what to believe but since I don't feed it I didn't worry too much about it.

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