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    Safe, easy on tummy chews for pup?

    We've been out of the lab puppy world for 12 years now (see post in welcome wagon).

    We're welcoming 10 week old Wilbur home this week, hauling out the crates and prepping the house best we can lol!

    I am amazed at the # of dog chews out there today. I remember when it was as simple as making sure the rawhides were USA, some deer antlers or bison rolls and go from there.

    For now I've picked up a couple of bacon nylabones, a few bison hides...

    In the mkt now is no hide, easy to digest hide and so much more...But I know labs (and pups especially) can have sensitive tummies and I dont want to bring something home thats going to be upsetting, cause diarrhea etc.

    Is there something for chewing/teething you feel strongly about recommending?

    I know rawhides have been controversial for some, but we did have good luck with them b4 (and always watched over them when using, tossed when small etc..)

    Appreciate it - its a brave, new world after being gone 12 years!

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    It's hard to know specifically won't upset your puppys tummy without trying things because all dogs tolerant things differently. That being said, these are the bones/chews that we like - bully sticks, benebone maplestick/baconstick, water buffalo horns, and antlers (though I have had varying success of dogs liking these). If going with "rawhides" I like the Earth Animal No-Hide brand.
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    This will be exciting! I, too, like the benebone bones shaped like tree branches. The No-Hide chews don't seem to last long with my dogs, especially our last lab, Lark, who was a pretty aggressive chewer. Our current boy likes to chew those Himalayan cheese stick dog chews. Lark would bite off chunks and I couldn't let her have them for long but 4 year old Henry can gnaw on it for a good long time and just kind of wears it down. He gets the ones for dogs >55 lb. I haven't tried them with puppies but I probably would. They don't seem to adversely affect his bowels either.

    Looking forward to hearing more about Wilbur!

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    Congrats on the new pup!!! I've had the best luck with bully sticks, although they can get expensive as the puppy gets older and figures how to destroy them faster. They can also be a bit on the stinky side too. I get mine from where I get my raw food and they are the best ones I've ever found.

    The Earth Animal No-hide are really good too. I've fed them to the last three pups we've had and didn't have any stomach issue. Again, they can start getting expensive, Brooks could go though one of the large size in about 20 minutes when he was 5-6 months old. Rose isn't nearly as an aggressive chewer so they do last a while for her.

    I also use The Honest Kitchen Wolfish skins. Brooks gets 2 a day and he LOVES them. They don't last very long, but they do a really good job of helping keep their teeth clean. I started giving them to Rose when she was about 7 months old, I tried when she was younger but she tried to swallow one whole and that didn't go too well.

    I did try the Himalayan Yak Cheese Chews with Brooks, he really liked them, however they didn't last long at all. Brooks is one of those dog who chews to destroy, so these would probably work better for light chewers.

    Black Kongs filled with a mixture of peanut butter (plain, no other ingredient but peanuts), plain yogurt (no sugar or artificial sweeteners), and blueberries then frozen would keep the dogs occupied for a while too. Although Rose was never really a fan of these, Brooks and Sophie loved them.

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