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    Life's Abundance- All Life Stages??

    We now have a 13 week old yellow lab, and when we picked him up, the breeder had him on Life's Abundance- All Life Stages, and recommend we continue with that brand.

    We fed our previous yellow lab Fromm 4 Star varieties, and he did fine on Fromm, and I believe Fromm to be a good brand.

    My major concern with Life's Abundance, is some ingredients are sourced from China, and the cost, due to the multilevel distribution system.

    I'm considering switching our lab to Fromm, but will wait till he is a little older to avoid any change over issues.

    I would greatly any and all comments/recommendations on Life's Abundance.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Food is always a topic that will get you a hundred different answers from a hundred different people.

    I have no experience with Life's Abundance, but looking at the ingredients I don't see anything that makes it special, pretty much a run of the mill dog food. A little concerning is chicken meal is the first ingredient rather than actual chicken. The price I saw on the website was $106 for a 40 pound bag which seemed really high for what you're getting.

    I've raised 5 Lab puppies over the past 12 years. All were on a different food. I kept them on the breeder recommended food until they were at least 6 months old, mainly to avoid the problems that can arise with switching foods with young puppies. When the time comes I put them on whatever the big dogs are eating and go from there.

    I've fed a variety of brands/types of food. Purina Pro Plan, Purina One, Eukanuba, Fromm, and a few other "grain free" foods until the issue with DCM came up. I did really like the Fromm 4 Star, and most of the dogs did really well on it, with one exception, my 7 year old yellow boy, Brooks. Gave him really loose stools. He's done really well on Eukanuba Performance and Pro Plan food. All three of my current Labs are on Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach. I like salmon as the main portion and all the dogs have great coats, good energy and nice solid poo's. I also feed them 4 oz of raw food per day, rotating through different proteins.

    Personally, if your pup is doing well on the Life's Abundance, I'd leave him on it until at least 6 months and then make a change to something else. Because of the problem with DCM I'd stay away from any food using lentils or legumes as a source of protein.

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