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Thread: Food suggestion

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    I would try Victor' Pro Plan Plus. It has a five star rating, and is 30% protein. The primary ingredient is beef meal. It has 30 % protein, and no corn, wheat or soy.

    I buy buy it at a feed store here in Tx, and pay $38.00 for a 40 Lbs bag. They have a website, They have a lot of feed stores they supply in Ky. On their website, check for locations near you. It is a great dog food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meeps83 View Post
    We use Earthborn Holistic, Fromm, and Merrick. All grain free, but that's because my boy has yeast problems. Also consider a sensitivity with the main protein. Maverick HATES lamb and gets the runs and isn't crazy about turkey. He really likes rabbit, duck, beef, and bison. Maybe trying a food with a different protein would entice him as well.
    Take a look at Evanger's Meat Medley...Beef/Rabbit. Jack does great on it. Just in case you need an alternative food.

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    Thanks to everyone for the input. I'll be going to the local feed mills, and pet shops tomorrow to check out some of these foods.


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