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    Question Any other pet owners with dogs who have special diet needs?

    Looking to connect and share information and advice! I have a 4 year old Lab named Rosy who has an extremely sensitive stomach.

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    Sensitive how? What are her symptoms when her tummy is upset? What does your Vet say?

    Oban actually does not have a sensitive stomach. In fact I have said here before his seems to be made of cast iron. But he does have Lymphangiectasia which requires a special diet, low fat, which seems to be working for him. He eats Rayne low fat maitenance Kangaroo and it works. In hindsight there were clues, like abnormally low albumin levels, but because he looked good, acted lively and seemed healthy it was hard to diagnose. Till he had diarrhoea for a month and a half.
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    Mine are both very sensitive to certain supplements/ingredients: glucosamine, MSM, probiotics (too much in a dose or too high a dose), flax, psyllium seed, dairy. Neither can handle metronidazole (Dan is worse) or pumpkin/squash. There have been foods/products I've given them that cause nausea/gurgling for who knows what reason...or serious gas (Dan). Or diarrhea (chicken).

    We're at the point where there's no serious gurgling or weird looks on faces (unless we go too long between meals and then we have empty tummy syndrome)...and I hope we can stay here.


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