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    Song's first hunt tests

    Two weeks ago, Song and I made the trip to Connecticut to run in his first junior hunt tests. He had just turned one year old the week prior, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. I was pretty confident as he's been doing great during training, but you never know how it's going to go in competition.

    I am happy to report that he did an awesome job, passing both tests without a hitch. As a bonus we were able to meet with his breeder, and with Mike's wife, Lisa, I was able to stay with mutual friends and we had a really nice cookout that everyone was able to attend.

    Here's a few photos from the weekend. The photos of Song working were taken by Jeremy Kezer Photography.

    Song and his serious, let's get to work face.

    Land retrieves.

    Waiting in the holding blind for his turn on water.

    Water retrieves.

    Overall I could not have been more pleased with Song's performance. I was so happy that he was ready to run these tests in Connecticut as a tribute to Mike. Being able to visit with Song's breeder and Lisa, and good friends was really special. There is no doubt Mike was looking down and smiling.

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    Good job Song! Barry, you’ve done a great job with Song’s training too! I’m sure Mike’s wife enjoyed seeing Song doing well too.
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    Awesome job both of you. Love the pictures and am glad you got to visit in CT.

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    Great job! I love all the photos and the 'serious' working faces. I hike with a friend who is in K9 SAR and she is training her ~9 month old black lab for search and rescue (she already has a 6 yr old yellow who is a pro at the job). One thing that is fun to watch is how this goofy, wiggly, silly boy of a teenage lab goes absolutely serious with the same kind of face when it's time to work. It's so neat to see all of those amazing instincts come out in a well bred lab.

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    Great pics. Love his all business face.

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