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Thread: We are back

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    We are back

    Hey All,

    First I really want to apologize to everyone, I know I kind of disappeared suddenly. Life sometimes gets in the way and go by so fast, then the whole COVID thing hit and well dealt with that. I have a lot to catch up on I do really feel bad for me not being here through all the losses, Berna, I am so sorry for Cookie. But I am excited for you and your new puppy. I have many more I need to read through in the bridge. I am facing that reality now with Hemi as he closes in on 13 with some arthritis and so on. Hemi has been through some stuff as well. He is now on Librela, what a total game changer that is. I haven't gone through and looked yet to see if anyone has mentioned it. I will update more on that, Hemi Partial Tore an ACL over COVID and we opted for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. He fully recovered. Sadly this year Hemi lost his tail. Again another story, but he has a cute little stubbly wiggly butt. I do promise to get to all the stories. Also as you guys know I played guitar, over COVID, I built my own guitar and I let Hemi paint it. There will be a post on that too. Hint as you know Hemi pics out all his own colors. For some reason given total freedom to pain a guitar for dad. He decided I needed Pink with gold glitter and light green despite me going, really, how about we pick another color and he insisted. So yeah that's a thing.

    Hemi has traveled now from Michigan to Texas, and through Colorado and back and throughout our travels I kept track he has officially pooped in 29 states and he is proud of it. He has even been in the Largest Buc-ees in the US. He got a new RV, and I had a woodworker create custom stairs so he can still get up in the bed. Some people may know a Famous Guitarist named Steve Vai. Hemi got to meet him in the last couple years as well. Last year he also finally got his Canoeing Badge from Dog Scouts. Many of you may remember my struggles as part of the badge he needs to learn to stay in the boat and not use the side of the boat as a springboard dumping his dad in the water. I knew we would get it eventually but it took him getting to 12 years old to finally loose the interest in dumping me out of the canoe.

    Hemi also managed to talk a 5 star Chef into giving him a Grade A5 Waygu steak prepared to perfection. If you know real Wagyu this is the absolute perfection as far as steak goes flown in from Japan. This was a $200 steak Hemi managed to con the chef out of. My sister had her 50th Anniversary, private event outside, Hemi was allowed to go. My 6 Year old Great Niece filled up on Chicken fries as a 6 year old is one to do, and well we were like well what do we do with her steak, Hemi politely volunteered to dispose of it and he was given it.

    A quick Photo, my boy is getting old but still gets his Bark Box. Please ignore the carpet, as you know, labs, treats, playing. Need to sweep all the time.

    Some may remember one of the last images we posted, Hemi give me hugs but never caught on film cause well I am busy enjoying it. At Dog Scouts the moment was captured. Well a very famous artist, that did a lot of the original Star Wars artwork, managed to see it and had to paint it.

    I now have an Oil and Canvas painting of this moment forever, I do have it framed now, and hanging in my office. But I couldn't find a photo.

    Anyway that's all for now I will be back with many of stories.
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    Jeff! I am so so happy to see you back! I wondered how you've been, glad you are doing okay, despite old age and the issues that come with it. Hemi is still such a sweetheart! I am glad Librela is helping him - I think Woody opened a thread about it recently.

    The board is much slower nowadays but there are still some old members sticking around.

    Welcome back!
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    So nice to see you back, and Hemi. I think we discovered at one time that Hemi's breeder and Oban's breeder had connections. Don't think the pups were related, well except for way back to Arnold, if I have it right, but that is so many Labs. Oban travelled to the Rainbow Bridge in June of 2021. 13 and a half years old, wonderful, wonderful years. Another dog was put on hold but the hold only lasted a few months and Eddy arrived in Oct. of '21. There is always a time you have to lift your dog (you may have missed my post about carrying 68 lb. Oban out of the bush when he collapsed with heat stroke) so I went to a smaller breed. Our first dog was a rescued English Springer Spaniel so that's what we went back to. Eddy is the same height as Oban, 22 inches, but weighs 20 lbs less at 48 lbs. Labs and ESS, the best dogs.

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    Hi again! My sister just started her 13 year old lab-mix on Librela, too, and she says it has made a huge difference.

    I love the photo of Hemi giving you a big hug!

    Again, welcome back!!

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    Welcome back Jeff and Hemi. Very happy to know y'all are doing OK!

    I lost my girl Sophie a little over three yers ago, she was just over 9 years old. Not sure exactly what happened, she went down hill very suddenly and quickly.

    For the first time in my life I have 3 Labs, Brooks, who is almost 8, Rose who is 2 1/2 and Song, 1 1/2.

    Brooks, Rose, Song.

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    Welcome back!
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    Damn dude, I thought the COVID bug had gotten you but I’m so glad I was wrong. I just want to give Hemi a big old cyber hug 🤗 he is a precious old man. We lost our last three girls (Gracie, Maddie and Pinks) within the last few years and really thought about taking a break but that lasted two months when a good buddy ask me if I’d be interested in his boy 2 year old Bo as they had come into a family situation. Of course I could not say no so Bo have been with us for a little over 8 months now and well you know a life with a lab is an adventure.
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    Welcome back Jeff and Hemi!

    Hemi is looking a little older but still happy and well!

    We lost Opal at 20 days from turning 15 years old, and now have Loua who is a good girl most of the time . And of course, we have very good girl, Ursa, who will turn 13 years old on March 10th/24.
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    I always thought Hemi was the cool dude of the boards. I think we all missed Hemi's Halloween fashion. Sadly, I lost Macy recently. Welcome back to you both.

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