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    Let's test the theory

    We all pretty much know that a puppies weight at 4 months when doubled should equal their adult weight. Give or take a couple days, and Brooks is now 4 months old (born May 6) and he weighs in at a solid 36.8 pounds. So by the theory he should be about 75 pounds as an adult.

    So if it's ok with the moderators I'd like to pin this post, and I'll post a weekly weight until May 6, 2017, and we'll see how close the theory comes to fact.

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    Be interesting to see.
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    I am going to speculate that the final weight is determined by how active/non-active the pup is vs the food it receives. chili was huge when he was outdoor dog as pup/lots of muscle...when we moved to city and had a leash/walk lost muscle and gained weight. chili is 85lbs now, but I bet if he stayed outdoor dog in country he would be closer to 100 and all muscle. curious to see your results...your pup looks smaller than my chili, but pics can be deceiving.
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    I would like to add Latte to this scientific study when we pick her up next Friday.
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    At what age would they be full grown then? If the theory hold water Max is full grown at 9 months at 76lbs
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    I'm curious at what point they are fully grown. Major is 10 months and he's right at 76 pounds. He hasn't grown much the past couple months so i assume he's staying around this weight.

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    Sunnie's pups tracked with a range from 35 to 55 based on the method I used (5 lbs. diff between smaller to next larger for 5 pups). Dan was the second smallest and should have been 40. It wasn't until last year that he hit 37 (stayed 35 from about a year to then). So he's a wee bit shy of his mark. I don't know about the other pups but they all looked to be staying about Dan's size (had pics from a couple at about a year). There's no way anyone got to even 45 unless they've been overfed. I figure maybe the method is more accurate for purebreds.

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    Great idea, it will be interesting to follow. Oban's breeder required bi weekly ( every second week, not twice a week) weights till one year old. At four months he weighed 26 pounds. That would mean he should mature at 52 but at one year he was 67 pounds and very lean. He's still 67 pounds, not as active now so not as lean looking. Height should figure in, I think, Oban is 23 inches.
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    Maverick weighed 31.8 pounds at 16 weeks. At almost 2.5 years old he is a lean and muscular 86.4 pounds. He blew the double the weight thing out of the water by almost 25 pounds. It'll be interesting to see how Bear compares. So far he's bigger than Maverick at the same age.

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    My puppies generally follow the - 20 lbs at 2 months, 30 lbs at 3 months, 40 lbs at 4 months pattern -, especially the males, but my bitches are usually very close behind.

    My girls usually stop growing height/gaining weight around 10-12 months of age and maybe bump up by a few more lbs into that second year, the males stop growing height/gaining weight around 12-15 months, then again put on another 7-10 lbs into their second year especially if they are intact. They can lose 1/2 inch in height when their chest drops and settles with maturity too.

    So, I'll play!
    Katy was more petite than my others girls, so her puppies are usually a little behind the '10 lbs/month of age' table. Her male from her last litter is close, but the Gurls weren't 20lbs until about 10 weeks. From birth on, my Labrador puppies gain 2-3 lbs a week, until the major growth spurt is complete.

    Friday weighed 34.5 at 16 weeks which puts her estimated adult weight at 69 lbs, which is right about where Katy was within a few lbs, a tad lighter.

    Lola weighed 36.8 at 16 weeks, which puts her estimated adult weight at 73.6, which is just about what Katy was.

    Now if I go by the online chart tool, based on weights at 16 weeks Friday would be 70.0 and Lola should be 76.3.
    If I go by the chart today, or rather last week at 19 weeks, Friday should be 72.4 and Lola 78.7.
    So, really, who knows? The sire I used sire is know for throwing height, and I was hoping for a little, I think Lola got some, Friday will be petite like her mom, I think, her male puppy will be good sized like all her boys, in the 85-90lbs range. The coming months will tell.

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