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    Quote Originally Posted by barry581 View Post
    It's basically what some call show bred Labs here in the states. It kinda drives me nuts, as I do have an English Lab, whom I imported from the UK from the same breeders I got my first Lab from when I was stationed in the UK back in 1984. We've been good friends with them all this time, having been back to visit them many times, and they have been here in the states judging several times.
    Well I can certainly see why it would annoy you as you have the real thing! It just seems so odd, I just can't work out where the "English" connection came from - esp as many of the original importers of the breed were in Scotland so technically not ever English!!!
    I know there are Cocker Spaniels and they got changed into American Cockers over the pond - but now they are two distinct breeds so that's not the same thing. I suppose it's rather like the way Australian Shepherds acquired the Australia part when they are really not Australian - and Swiss Shepherds when they started off as White German Shepherds in America!
    So if show quality labs are called English in America, what are the pet type called - or are they just labs! lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whistle View Post
    So if show quality labs are called English in America, what are the pet type called - or are they just labs! lol!
    To me they are all just Labs, but for some reason we have to put labels on everything.

    When people tell me the have an "English" Lab I always ask where in England did their Lab come from. Of course they say well they didn't come from England, and then I'll ask well then how are they an English Lab???? I get a lot of funny looks, especially when I explain that my girl Sophie IS an English Lab, as she came from England, and she actually barks with an English accent, but it's not as pronounced as it used to be because she's been here for such a long time now.

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    I think your pup looks incredible and would echo the above advice that this isn't the age to be worried about feeding too much. As not a breeder and not a vet, I think puppies should be fed as much as they want to eat without having digestive issues.
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    We have a American/English lab. Not sure if this is considered a lab mix?
    Anyway I think your pup looks great but on the heavy side in my opinion. Some
    of the pure adult English show dogs I see in my opinion look over weight .The
    labrador should be athletic when finished growing. Ready to retrieve a bird or catch
    a frisbee. You have plenty of time to dial him back a little as he gets older.
    He looks happy and healthy!

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    If you have a purebred lab, it's not considered a mix. As Barry mentioned, English is what show bred labs are frequently called although both mine were from show bred litters but any English ancestry is far in the past and they are really American bred labs. Show bred dogs who are actually shown often look heavier than labs bred primarily for hunting, although the AKC description should apply to both "styles" and all labs should be able to run and hunt and retrieve and be stellar companions.

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    You have an adorable pup - his weight looks good from what I can tell from the pictures. As already suggested feed the recommendation off the bag of food and yes if you have any questions concerning your pup contact your vet. Usually when i see a lab most adults are over weight.

    Tootsie was my little chocolate lab some would call English/show because she was small with measurements more in line with in AKC standard recommendations for the breed. Sarah was my black lab some would call American/field because she was long and tall. While Sarah had AKC papers she was from a back yard breeder having ED and severe allergies. Tootsie was a puppy mill survivor with no hip or elbow problems.
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