How to Thwart Jumping on People

I warn you right now, this is rough, it uses a strong aversive. It was shown to our class by our trainer at the request of another dog owner. Guess what breed that other dog was? Yep, a young Lab.

Like me the owner had tried the kinder methods. Be a tree. Turn your back. Reward for sitting. All to no avail. An added consideration for me was my aged Mum, 90 years old, who could not or would not understand my exuberant young dog Would jump on her and she Could be hurt when she encouraged him.

You need a helper. Your dog is on a flat collar and leash. Your helper asks and encourages your dog to jump on them. When your dog jumps You yank your dog just enough to deflect the jump and at the same time give your word, my is FEET. Feet On The Floor. Your goal is not to throw your dog across the room and if you think you can't judge how much oomph to put into this then don't risk it, don't do it. In class we had mats on the floor, big thick ones. Outside we were told to look for ground with grass, definitely not pavement.

The little poodle mix in our class took one yank and he would NOT jump again, no matter how much fun the helper tried to convince him it would be. The other Lab took two yanks, Oban took three.

None of the dogs was hurt. All of them refused to jump after they "got it." Oban needed one refresher with one of his favourite neighbours a few weeks later. To this day I can yell FEET at a distance when I think he might be contemplating a jump and I can see him settle down. Mostly though, he just doesn't jump.

There you go. Use with discretion after trying less rough methods.
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