Vinegar to Cure Counter Surfing

Key first step, offer a bowl of vinegar to drink. If dog comes up sputtering and looks at you like you've lost your mind, continue. Some dogs will drink vinegar. A bit won't hurt them. If he/she drinks it happily this won't work

I wiped down the counters and stove top after every meal and left it sort of wet. Vinegar has natural antibacterial properties and lots of people clean their counters with it even if they don't have a dog. I also left out two small plastic dishes of vinegar. Plastic in case he gets up and knocks them off, so they don't break. I did that for a week. Cured. I mean the dog.

Oban relapsed about three months later and I did it for another couple of days. The odd wipe down with vinegar will help reinforce this. Worked for me. The big, big advantage of this is it works when you aren't there. And I can leave even food sitting on the edge of the counter but only for short times, it's not fair to tempt him.
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