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    April Photo Contest

    I have not heard from last months winner for a theme for this months contest. So I've picked "My Lab Love To...........".

    My Lab Sophie Loves To Sleep!!!

    My Lab Brooks Loves to Retrieve!!!

    Let's get posting!!!

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    This is a tough one, Zeke absolutely loves playing, ball, water and riding in the Jeep to get to those places where we do the others. I have to pick one I'm going with My Lab Love To Be In Water. A mud puddle, the local stream, the ocean or the lake, Zeke will seek out and jump into water. The following photo's are Zeke enjoying summer vacation in Lake Wallenpaupack. The first is for the contest. I always heard Labs have webbed feet, never knew just how big they really are until I looked at his feet underwater in the second photo.


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    My Lab Loves To.... Hike!

    He's my favorite hiking buddy and I love sharing nice views and summits with my happy boy.

    First photo for contest entry: Catching our breath on the top of Tumalo Mountain with a view of Broken Top and South Sister (3rd highest peak in Oregon).


    And some bonus content: king of the mountain in Smith Rock State Park


    Wait for me! On the summit of Scott Mountain in Mt Washington Wilderness.


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